Names, however do you pick?

Just this morning I was giggling at the silly nicknames that I have for my dogs.  Then I happened to read one of my all-time favorite blogs Love and Six Foot Leash and they had just done a post about names so I was inspired.

Buddy’s shelter name was just that, Buddy.  I wasn’t a fan but I felt bad changing it so I let it be.  Over the years I have realized more and more that Buddy really is perfect for him.  He is the most happy-go-lucky dog you will ever meet and has yet to meet a person that isn’t his new best friend.  Buddy just fits.  Behind closed doors he often goes by “B”, “Buddy B”, “Buddy Boy”, “Budro”, and “My Boy”.

Tag’s name was actually picked by my dad.  Even though Buddy was technically the first one to find Tag, my dad was the first human to find her so he got to name her.  She was Buddy’s shadow from day one, quite the little tag-a-long, so Tag just stuck.  She also has a variety of nicknames including “Taggy Waggy”, “Wags”, “Number 1” (that’s what Rich calls her–so mean, you aren’t suppose to have favorites!), “Waggers”, “Princess” and “Taggy T”.

And then there’s Maggie.  Again, she came to me as Maggie and I didn’t have the heart to change her name, even though personally I’m not a fan of “people” names for dogs.  Fortunately, Maggie works for her so I don’t plan to change it (though if she gets adopted, her new people are welcome to.)  Maggie most often goes by “Maggie Moo” or just “Moo” but sometimes “Moogers” or “Brat Dog”.  We also refer to the girls as the “Aggies” (short for Taggy and Maggie) or just “The girls”.

So I’m curious, what is your dog’s name and is there a reason?  Has it morphed over the years or did you pick it and leave it?  I’d love to know!

9 thoughts on “Names, however do you pick?

  1. My dog Max came with his name when I adopted him from a local humane society. He was already four years old and it seemed to fit him so I didn’t want to change it.

  2. Each of your posts, eclipses the previous one 🙂 My Dog’s name is Kahlua and that is because when I adopted him my closest friends & I would drink hot coffee with Kahlua & whipped cream right before bedtime, and so it was perfect!
    BUT then came the various nicknames (and I should get my roommate to contribute to this comment) but its not as if it were enough that each of my friends has one nick name for my puppy,I as mom have about two dozen and they change everyday! Haha!
    My best friend calls him “Kelu” because in his mother tongue that means “black”. I call him “puppy” or “little boy”(thus warranting many weird looks and stares). Then there is “angel-face”.. also “Mouse” and “Mouses” and “Mices” and “Rabbit-Mouse”. As you will see, these are not real words or real beings even. Sometimes I call him “Kitty-Kat” and for those who know me, they know that crazy is normal and that one day I might have a cat that I call “Pitbull”. I also call my dog “Pitbull” sometimes. And I will stop now because even I am starting to think I am a little nuts.

  3. my pup was Allie at the shelter. She was only a few weeks old, so I changed it to Lucy. my son & I just liked that name, so that is what we chose. her nicknames are “Luce”, “Lucy Ducy”, “Ducy”, and “pretty”…which, like any spoiled princess-like dog would, she answers to! 🙂

  4. As you know your bother Nic’s dog, Tedesgo, has many names!!! Tess is her most used, then there’s Tessie. One day we had painters at the house and I was calling her by my favorite name for her “Teedie Weedie” and one of the painters looked at me like I was crazy!!! She has aquired a new name now that I have a foster dog in the house who is quite a bit smaller than she is, “Big Foot”! And then, of course, I refer to them both as “the girls”!

    Remember when Nic got Tedesgo for Christmas when he was 10? We asked him what he thought he might like to call her, not thinking that he would already have a name picked out for her, his Immediate response was Tedesgo! He had read that name in a chapter book when he was 6 and knew then that when he got his dog that would be the name!

  5. Dakota came from the shelter with the name Gus, he was also known as schmush, kota and Mommy’s big boy. Sierra was named that from the start, she was wiggle monster, mommy’s girl and mama. Mr. Bojangles was named after the restaurant parking lot that I rescued him from. He is also known as Mr. Bohiggyjiggy, Mr. Bohangales and Bobo. My cat’s name was Buddy, he was also known a mushugina, budman and Buddy, Emissary of the Gorganites. Yes, I know………….

  6. Well I already told you that Katey was named Mary at the Chipley Shelter, her brothers were Peter and Paul. I just didn’t like the name Mary for a cute little puppy and Katey seemed to suit her. This led to Katey-Tatey, Katey-P-tatey, Kato-potatoe, and now she is P-tater most of the time.
    Stella’s shelter name was Jill and she was in a kennel with her brother. Yes, they named him Jack. Since my name is Jill we had to change her name. Sometimes she is Stella-Luella. A lot of time we call her Wubbie after a Kong toy she destroyed. Michelle McLaughlin named Cowboy as I was driving back from animal control when we took him into Last Hope Rescue. Some of his names are Handsome, which requires no explanation, Cowboyz-boy, Buddy Boy and for some reason I just starting calling him Mr. C.

  7. On Tuesday morning I drove to Tavares, Florida to rescue l a sweet little pit mix that was scheduled to be euthanized that morning. When they brought her out to me she was shaking uncontrollably as I held her close that first time. She was just a wee and frail pittie with patches of fur missing and discharge running out of her nose and eyes. Her name was Star. On the four hour ride home, you could visibly see her shed the nervousness and fear in layers. By the second pit stop, she was prancing, not walking. I had a lot of time to try and think of a name on that drive home. I really wanted to honor her and give her a new name to start her new life. But believe it or not, I could think of no other name that suits her better. Her soul is a bright and shining star and so Star is her name.

  8. Rosie – the name given to our girl by the ladies of Last Hope Rescue – is often referred to as Rosezilla. Need I say more? LOL


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