My Permanent Dogs

FUR 025 edit-(ZF-1860-91697-1-006)

This handsome man is my boy Buddy.  I rescued him in the fall of 2006 from a shelter the day he was scheduled to be put down.  He was seriously pathetic.  He sat at the back of his kennel, all skin and bones at 55 lbs (he now weighs almost 80 lbs) and would just stare at you with a terribly sad, dejected look.  He also had a BB sticking out of his side where he had been shot and it was clear that he had been beaten, abused, and neglected.  No one else wanted this sad dog.  How could I not take him home and show him what real love is?

FUR 020 edit-(ZF-1860-91697-1-004)

I truly believe that Buddy knows I saved his life; he is the most loyal dog you could meet.  The first couple of nights I had my first foster pup, Dash, I had to sleep on the floor next to his crate because he was sick and I wanted to be close to him if he woke up.  Instead of sleeping in the big comfy chair Buddy usually can be found in, he spent both nights right by my side.  Aside from being incredibly loyal, Buddy is also a big old goof ball.  He’s hard-headed and stubborn, but he is also affectionate and loving.  A great save if I do say so myself.

FUR 023-(ZF-1860-91697-1-005)

This pretty girl is my Tag.  She came into my life in unique way.  Buddy actually found her as an itty bitty puppy.  He was staying with my parents because I was out of town for the weekend when he suddenly took off into the woods behind their house.  My dad followed him and found Buddy standing over a little mound of fur.  That little mound of fur would come to be known as Tag.

FUR 017-(ZF-1860-91697-1-003)

Tag was clearly too young to be away from her momma and needed lots of care and attention.  We never did figure out where she came from but Tag wiggled her way into all of our hearts.  She is the sweetest dog you will ever meet and wants to love on you every chance she gets.  She knows Buddy saved her life and follows him around like a little shadow, or tag-a-long, which is how she got her name.  Though I give Buddy the credit for rescuing her, I have to say, she was a great save as well.

FUR 046 edit-(ZF-1860-91697-1-009)

And last, but most certainly not least, we have my girl Maggie.  She started off as just a foster dog, but after living with me for a little over a year, she officially became mine forever.  I was dead set against “foster failing” but unfortunately the powers that be had something else in mind all together.

FUR 007-(ZF-1860-91697-1-002)

Maggie isn’t the reason that I originally fell in love with pit bull type dogs, but she is the reason that they will remain my favorite, and I will continue to fight for them every single day.  She came to me a severely abused and timid dog but her resiliency and willingness to move forward from her past literally makes my heart swell with joy.  I am proud beyond words of the dog that she has become and know that we will continue working together to bring her even more out of her shell.  We may even shoot for Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog status one day.  She is a hell of a save, too.

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