Trying to figure out what I’m all about?  Decide if you want to spend your valuable time on this site, out of all the sites out there?  Below I’ve compiled my very favorite, and also most popular, posts for you to quickly peruse.

Some favorites about fostering:

Everything You Need To Know About Fostering – Really, all the grimy details are right here.

Yes…you CAN! – This post was written shortly after my first foster was adopted as my response to all the people telling me “I just couldn’t do it!”

I’ve Made A Huge Mistake – Warning!  I’ve been told this one is a bit of a tear jerker.

Maggie’s Musings: Numbers – Here is a post “from” Maggie all about important numbers in the rescue world.

Some favorites about dog lovin’:

Raising vs. Managing – This is a topic that I feel is very important, especially to those of us that do our best to advocate for bully breeds!

Just call me “mom”! – Here I share my feelings about being a dog mom.

My Top 10 Reasons to Adopt, Not Shop – I think the title for this one is pretty self explanatory 😉

The Components of Love – Here I share a quirky, but also rather important, way to view your dog and his genetic makeup.

If Your Dog Was in a Movie… – This one is just funny!

Eye See You – Short and sweet, all about love.

Some favorites about rescue adventures:

The World’s Most Perfect Series of Events – This is an extra special rescue story for me, because it involves my own brother.

I could have more money, but I wouldn’t be as rich. – The title sums it up!

Little Orphan Annie – This line from the post sums it up pretty well: “She had every reason not to, but she wanted the love of a human.”

Sharing is Caring. – Here I oh-so subtly discuss why clicking the “share” button can really save lives!

Christmas Miracles – This post contains so truly inspiring stories about an Animal Control facility I dedicated a lot of time to helping (prior to my move to a new city.)

2 thoughts on “Favorites

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  2. Hi my name is Chelsea Gantous i live in Tampa Fl, and I’m in desperate need of some help with finding a temporary home for my dogs it kills me inside to even have to do this but I’ll be evicted if my dogs continue to be on the property of my apartment complex and they are the sweetest ever. I have a mother and son so i don’t want separate my little dog family. I can’t afford to just up and move so i need help so i don’t end up homeless and no dogs either. Please contact me asap if you can help me in any way please!!!!!


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