My Temporary Dogs


BExtra cute Bea came to live with me after she was dumped at the shelter.  She hated the shelter, not that any dog likes it, but she was just so teeny tiny that I couldn’t let her stay there another minute longer.  Bea was basically the most perfect puppy on Earth but after Tag and our other foster, Maggie (see below), got into a scuffle (read about it here) we decided it was best to let Bea go live with a very good friend that also fosters.  She was adopted a few days later by the most wonderful family and now lives every dogs dream life.  Yay for Bea!


IMG_0254Gorgeous, goofy Harley.  She was our first attempt at simultaneously fostering two dogs in addition to our two permanent dogs.  Harley was scheduled to be put down and I couldn’t resist this beautiful girl so we brought her home but continued searching for a rescue or adoptive family for her since four dogs really is a lot for our tiny apartment.  We were ecstatic when an amazing rescue further down south, Big Dog Rescue Ranch, told us they wanted her!  We knew they could offer her a much happier life than we could so we said our goodbyes to this big, sweet girl, and sent her on her way to this doggie paradise.  We still miss her but we know that if we hadn’t fostered her for those few weeks, she likely wouldn’t even be alive today.


PiperPiper only stayed with us briefly while she was on her way up North to her forever family but Piper is special because she made us realize that we could in fact handle having four dogs.  She encouraged us to consider taking in a second foster should the need arise, which would bring the total dogs in our house to four.  Thanks Piper for encouraging us!


Little Miss Maggie came to live with me in May of 2012.  Maggie is such a sweetheart and really a very silly girl–once you get to know her.  She is a little shy at first and I suspect that this is why she hasn’t been snatched up yet.  If someone would just give this little girl a chance they would discover that she is basically the perfect dog.  She loves other dogs, kids, and snuggling–which at about 40 lbs she is perfect for.

Update:  Just after one year living with me as a “foster” we made the decision to officially adopt Maggie.  Read about my struggle when I thought she was about to be adopted by someone else here (warning: I’ve been told it’s a wee bit of a tear jerker.)


This sweet baby came to me from a high kill shelter just an hour from where I live.  Even though he was only with me for three weeks before his permanent family found him, he will forever own a piece of my heart.  Dash is incredibly smart–a total people pleaser–sweet, affectionate, and impossibly cute but most of all he is my first success story.  As hard as it was to say goodbye to him, I knew at that moment that I could and would do it again.

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