7 Things about me, Maggie!

Hey there again everybodies!  It’s me, Maggie!  So, foster mom has a friend, Nikki (who adopted Dash!) who got some award thingy for blogging and had to write 7 things about herself.  Well, Nikki said that foster mom should write 7 things about herself too but foster mom was like “Whoa!  I’m not that interesting!” so she told me I could talk allll about myself instead.  And since everybody knows I am the most perfect dog ever, I just knew you all would wants to learn more about me!

Ok, so now I will tell you 7 of the most interesting things about me, even though there are like bajillions.  Ready?

1.  I likes to lay down to eat my foodies.  At first foster mommy thought I was food aggressive but  I said “that is just silly mom!”  I don’t minds if the other dogs are around when I eats and I also don’t care when she puts her hand in my foodie bowl while I’m eating.  I just like to relax and have a nice dinner, that’s all!

2.  I likes the taste of leather.  That’s right friends, it is scrumptious and you should tries it too!  Foster mommy says I am a weirdo but I says she is missing out.  I lick and lick and lick the couch until foster mommy makes me stop.  She really is bossy.

3.  I am the most cuddly dog foster mom says she has ever had.  Since we all knows she is very old and also a crazy dog lady, that must be a whole lot of dogs!  I just ruvs foster mommy and even foster dad isn’t so bad to cuddle with either these days.

4.  I gets so excited when the fosters get home that I run and bounce all arounds the house.  Sometimes I am so excited that I even jumps higher than Buddy!  He is the most biggest dog I know so if I can jump higher than him that must be special.  Foster mom says it must be because I has the super strong pittie muscles.

5.  I HATE those evil clicker things that people, especially foster mom, points at me.  It makes a bright light and I just knows that it is stealing a piece of my soul every time.  Foster mommy is always telling me how pretty I am (duh!) and she says she wants to lets other people see but I just can’t help myself, I has to glare at that thing!  I hates it.

6.  I gives little love nibbles.  I can’t help myself, I just am so happy sometimes that I nibbles  on Buddy and Tag and even sometimes the fosters.  Foster mommy thinks it is hilarious because it tickles but she makes me stop when I do it.  She says even though I am doing it because I am silly and happy, there are some people that are scared of pit bulls like me and they will say I am biting!  I thinks that is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard ever, but I guess foster mommy might know what she is talking about this one time, so now I am trying to remember to just gives kisses when I am happy.

7.  I am the most favorite dog ever.  Foster mommy says she loves us all but I knows I am her favorite.  It must be true, she gives me extra treats in my Kong, lets me sleep on her chest, and takes me to lots of new places.  And who could blame her?  I am perfect!

Well friends, aren’t you happy that Nikki suggested I do this?  Foster mom says she needs the computer back so I guess that is all for now.  Bye for now everybodies!

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