Tallahassee WalkABulls

Tallahassee WalkABulls is a group that I founded in the fall of 2012.  We are a group of responsible pet owners that get our dogs together for “pack walks”.

IMG_1387After researching many other similar groups, I realized that our community really needed something like this.  It is a wonderful way to help socialize dogs that might not previously have had much experience with meeting new dogs.  Not to mention, us humans usually enjoy ourselves too!

IMG_0260Of course, another goal is to positively showcase pit bulls to the public.  While we welcome all breeds, we are particularly excited when a fellow pit bull owner joins us.  There really is nothing better than “walking the walk” and showing how amazing we all know pit bulls are.

IMG_0697We have specific guidelines that everyone is expected to follow if they want to be a part of this group.  After all, the point of this group is help socialize and show off our dogs, so it’s important we are all on the same page.  If you are interested in joining us for a pack walk, please email TallyWalkABulls@gmail.com!  You can also find us on Facebook by “liking” Tallahassee WalkABulls!



Sunny Florida provides us with all the beautiful views we can handle!

*Update: As of May of 2013 I have moved to a new city and discontinued this program.  I hope to start a similar one soon in the new city I live in though!

4 thoughts on “Tallahassee WalkABulls

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  2. And its extremely unfortunate because this was one of the biggest needs of this area. Time spent with most of the rescues here has proven them be more focused on the negativity of rescue–owner shaming and guilt-adoptions (every dog is ASAP or their dead!!!) instead of spending time on changing legislation, education to the public on tethering and responsible ownership that includes spay/neuter, providing more vouchers for vet services, and raising awareness of the myths about certain breeds. So many other cities have had successes with Bully Walks (Stubby’s Heroes on GA) and we could too if the supposed “rescues” and “no kill” coalitions in this area would step off their horse for just a minute and actually DO something. You started something good, its a damn shame no one would continue this.


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