Maggie’s Musings

Hi Everybodies!  Maggie here.  Foster mom has been really busy lately and I’ve overheard her say a few times that she really needs to do a post-thingy so I thought, since I loves her so much and all, I should help.  Buddy and Tag are too stupid and lazy busy to help.  Now I really will be the most favorite dog of all!

So, the other day something strange happened.  Foster mommy was out “running errands” but we all know what that means–she is cheating on us.  She always comes back smelling like other dogs and we don’t like it.  This time though foster dad was acting funny.  He seemed all nervous and he never acts like that.  Well, foster mom got home and the next thing I know foster dad was down on his knee and then foster mom was all excited.  She told me that they were getting married–whatever that means.  All I know is, now she has this shiny thing on her finger and I am trying really really hard to nibble on it.

But that’s enough about the foster peoples.  Let’s talk about me!  Well, first of all, I already told you that I am the most favorite dog.  And also that I really don’t like when foster mom comes home smelling like other dogs.  I should be getting all the attention.  And that I am the most prettiest pitbull ever.  Foster mom calls me “pint sized” but I know I’m perfect in her eyes.  What else? Oh, I know.  Foster mom keeps telling me what a good girl I am when we are outside.  She says she is really proud of me.  I guess it’s because I’m not really scared of things anymore.  Or maybe because she is just weird.  That’s probably it.

I do like it at the foster house but I sure am hoping to find somewhere permanent.  If they don’t have other dogs though, no way!  I will stay with the fosters forever!  But I know foster mom really wants to help more dogs like she has helped me, and I really love her, so I wants to make her happy.  I guess if people wanted to come meet me, it would be ok.  I’m going to try really really hard not to be shy if that happens.  We will see though.

Buddy and Tag are giving me funny looks.  Probably because they are jealous that I am not only the most favorite dog but also using the computer.  I guess I should go entertain them since they are so lazy bored.  All you friends out there should tell your friends to tell their friends and their friends’ friends about me so I can find my permanent home!  I really am super sweet so just do it.  Please.  Ok, bye friends!


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