One of the things that rocks my world is getting to help with play groups.  What does that mean?  Have a looksie:

Pit Bulls Playing

Those are the faces of two very happy girls.  Every morning we take multiple dogs out and put them in play groups.  We rotate through the dogs that we know enjoy playing with friends and give them a seriously needed outlet for their pent up energy and kennel stress.

Pit Bulls Playing

Pit Bulls Playing

Not only does it tire the pups out in record time, and give them a mental breather, it also gives us valuable information about the dogs.

Crazy Eyes

Play Group

Play Group

For example, the crazy-eyed little pooch above seems rather anti-social when in her kennel, but the second you get her out she is a total social butterfly, bouncing from friend to friend, both canine and human.  Other dogs, like Armand (the black, tan, and white boy below) are painfully shy but quickly gain confidence when surrounded by canine friends.


FriendsAnd how do we figure out who likes play groups?  Well we test them of course!  Everyone gets a chance to see how they like it.  This lets us know if the dogs love canine friends, only prefer human friends, or fall somewhere in the middle.  Talk about valuable knowledge when speaking with potential adopters!  For example, if I know a certain dog really likes other dogs of the opposite sex, but not of the same, and a family is interested in her that happens to have a resident canine of the same sex, then I can warn them that it’s likely not a good match and work with them to find a different dog that would love their current canine and therefore be a success match.  By utilizing this knowledge on the front end I can prevent a dog from going home, things not going well, and getting returned to the shelter where she potentially may have developed behavioral problems.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Adoptable DogsA happy dog is a more adoptable dog; just another reason I am loving my job at the Jacksonville Humane Society.  Have you heard of play groups at shelters before?  What do you think about it?  Have you ever gotten to be part of this magical time?

All of the happy pooches seen here today are still looking for their forever homes!  If you are in the Jacksonville, FL area and in need of a playful friend email me or contact JHS!

Friday Funday

After we moved to Jacksonville I didn’t expect to start working for at least a month or two.  Obviously this would mean the dogs would get to have tons of fun adventures while I enjoyed the freedom of not having a job for the first time since I was 14.  Sounds nice, huh?  Well, within a week of moving I came across a job that was too perfect for reaching my dream to pass up and started working immediately.

IMG_3313Now I don’t get off work until 7pm (this is quite an adjustment since normally I have dinner prepared, eaten, and cleaned up by then!) and that doesn’t leave too much time for adventuring.


This looks like a pouty face, but I kid you not, she LOVES to jump up into Rich’s arms and have him swing her around.  Silly girl!

As you can see, we make the most of our free time, but I’m a little sad that I won’t be able to give the dogs a summer of beaching, hiking, and all around crazy fun times.

IMG_3315I’m curious, how often do you guys take your pups on adventures?  What constitutes an adventure in your house?  While I wait for your responses, I’m going to take full advantage of having a Friday off, and take my crew to the beach!


“Geez mom! Put the computer down and let’s go already!”