Sunday Funday (brought to you on Monday.)

Since accepting the job at the Humane Society I have only had one day a week off: Sundays.  My guilt level has been through the roof regarding my own dogs and their lack of entertainment/exercise lately, so you better bet we take full advantage of our Sundays.  Check out some photos from yesterday’s adventures:





My guilt has been so bad in fact, that when the girls found disgusting things to roll in, I just let them have at it.  I know.  It’s crazy.




But really, is there anything happier than a dirty dog?  I think not.  Besides, I’m certainly not going to deny them this simple joy after neglecting them all week!

Water Lillies


Do you have a job (or jobs) that require you to be away from your dogs for long hours?  Do you share the same soul crushing guilt as me?  We take Maggie to “camp” occasionally, which helps, and of course we leave them with entertainment like Kongs, but that all only goes so far.  Knowing that you are your dogs’ entire world, how do you not feel guilty when you are away from them for long hours?  No really, I’d like to know!