A Happy Coincidence!

First a little disclaimer: this post is written by Rich, not Morgan, so apologies up front to anyone that clicked here expecting her (I’ll see if I can get her to post some extra pictures of the dogs to make up for it!).

Pit Bull

Earlier I had the pleasure of writing on the options available to someone preparing to take care of a pet in case anything untimely should happen. You can imagine my surprise when I was taking the Florida Bar Exam at the end of July and saw an essay question asking in part what options were available to someone that wanted to provide for her pregnant Labrador in case anything should happen to her. That seems like serendipity to me! Also in the essay the woman was more concerned with providing for her Labrador and her puppies than for her son (a sentiment that I’m afraid I might also share if faced with the same decision, after all a dog can’t support itself!  We all know I would never own a dog that was capable of getting pregnant, unless Morgan brought home one that already was, but you see the point is in caring for the dogs’ needs first and foremost.)


What’s even more exciting about the appearance of this question on the exam is that generally states put topics on the bar that they want new attorneys to be versed in. Maybe this is an indication of more pet-friendly legislation in Florida in the coming years. In any event at least the more than three thousand people taking the exam last month either knew how to set up a trust for the care of a pet, or are kicking themselves for not knowing.

Pet Care

What do you think? Is this a sign of things to come in Florida, and possibly nationwide? What pet related legislation would you like to see? Tell us in the comments below!