Sunday Funday (brought to you on Monday.)

Since accepting the job at the Humane Society I have only had one day a week off: Sundays.  My guilt level has been through the roof regarding my own dogs and their lack of entertainment/exercise lately, so you better bet we take full advantage of our Sundays.  Check out some photos from yesterday’s adventures:





My guilt has been so bad in fact, that when the girls found disgusting things to roll in, I just let them have at it.  I know.  It’s crazy.




But really, is there anything happier than a dirty dog?  I think not.  Besides, I’m certainly not going to deny them this simple joy after neglecting them all week!

Water Lillies


Do you have a job (or jobs) that require you to be away from your dogs for long hours?  Do you share the same soul crushing guilt as me?  We take Maggie to “camp” occasionally, which helps, and of course we leave them with entertainment like Kongs, but that all only goes so far.  Knowing that you are your dogs’ entire world, how do you not feel guilty when you are away from them for long hours?  No really, I’d like to know!

Mindless Monday

My youngest brother just got back from a surfing trip in Puerto Rico.  I let him borrow my camera and he snagged some great pictures.  Tune in tomorrow for dog related news, but for today, enjoy:

Sunset IMG_5328

Puerto Rican Ruins






He wouldn’t be my brother if you didn’t take notice of the local dogs.  While speaking with some regular visitors to the island he was surprised to learn that one of them brings a dog home with him each year to then be adopted out, and that in general the stray dog population has been significantly decreasing in recent years.  Um, YAY!

Dog in Puerto Rico IMG_5653

Tuesdays are for hiking.

I feel like that should be a rule.  Who do we talk to about making it one?

IMG_3032This whole having-a-week-off-work-and-nothing-specific-to-do thing is sure making our dogs happy.  We were out the door, headed to beautiful Torreya State Park, by 8 am this morning.



IMG_2956After we got a ways down the trail and realized there wasn’t a soul in sight we let the girls off the leash so they could run free.  There was this huuuge ravine and I swear, it was like an amusement park ride for the dogs.  Maggie and Tag ran up and down and off the walls and up and down and…you get the picture.  I can honestly say it might be the happiest I have ever seen Maggie.  That dog is an acrobat!  She was in pure Heaven.

IMG_3028Buddy and Tag helped themselves to a sip of water from the Apalachicola river, but not Maggie!  She jumped right in and swam all around.  She is such a water lover, it never ceases to amaze me.

IMG_3013I have to take a second and brag: my girls are awesome.  Seriously, they barely veered off the path and the second I called their name they turned and came running right back.  Maggie was especially impressive and anytime she got more than about 20 yards in front of us she would stop, turn, and check in with us; waiting for the ok to continue further ahead.  Can you ask for anything more than that?!

IMG_3057So, even though there are a few wedding/move related things I need to get done this week, I foresee more adventures!  I could I resist when it means I get to look at cute boys like this:


Fun with Friends

On Saturday a couple of friends and I decided to take our pups out for an adventure.  There is a little hidden lake that few people ever go out to which makes it a great place to let the dogs run free, which is precisely what we did.


We had a blast.  The dogs ran, and ran, and swam, and ran, and sniffed, and ran some more.



We had quite a time trying to get all six to sit and pose for a picture.  As you can see, we were not successful.

Katelyn, attempting to reason with the dogs.

Katelyn, attempting to reason with the dogs.


Regal Reagan did a wonderful job supervising the pack.

Regal Reagan did a wonderful job supervising the pack.


I spy two dogs.  Do you see them?

I spy two dogs. Do you see them?

It was nice to enjoy to great outdoors a little and the dogs were thrilled to stretch their legs and explore.  By the time we were ready to leave, everyone was pooped.  Did you have any fun adventures with your with pups this weekend?  I’d love to hear about them!

"Ok, we goes home now foster mom?"

“Ok, we goes home now foster mom?”

And We Hike!

We got lucky.  Saturday morning was absolutely beautiful!  As we were getting ready to leave the house, I remembered one of my favorite places, so we ended up going there instead of Phipps Park like I thought we would.

It was perfect.  First, we walked out to the lake and let the dogs loose.  They ran and swam and chased critters til they could barely keep their heads up.

Then, because the dogs were completely soaked and covered in sand, we put their leashes back on and went for a little hike so they could dry off and lose some sand before getting in the car.

It was a beautiful day and the best part was I had three happy dogs, a happy fiancé, and had gotten my fill out the great outdoors–if only momentarily.

Did you have any fun adventures this weekend?  I’d love to hear about them!