We Love: Love!

When Maggie came to me as a foster, Rich was out of town for the summer.  That means we had weeks of bonding under our belt before he was even in the picture.  To say that she disliked the sudden appearance of a man in the house would be the understatement of the century.  She was terrified of him.



I’m pretty sure Rich loved Maggie even before he met her.  Every time we talked over the summer I was telling him all about her and how much she was blossoming.  You would think coming home to a dog quite opposite of the one I had been describing would be a turn off.  Instead, I think it made him love her even more.  Every time she growled at him he would turn around and ignore her per my instructions but he would also say, “It’s okay Maggie, I just want to love you.”  And his favorite line to recite to Maggie, “Love doesn’t divide, it multiples!”


Eventually the growling subsided and she slowly began to let him sit near her.  Then touch her.  And eventually full on cuddle.  It took almost a year, but finally she got excited and would initiate play with him when he got home from work.  A sight I honestly didn’t know if I would ever see and still makes my heart swell.  Now, Maggie can typically be found cuddled up with her dad; her favorite human in the house.  If not for Rich’s persistent love and devotion to little Maggie, she might never have turned the corner with men.  She still occasionally give a little growl at men she doesn’t know but I am quite pleased with her progress.  She may never run up to a strange man just to give him kisses, but I can live with that.  The most important thing is that Maggie has learned to love love.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from our pack to yours!

Throw Back Thursday: Puppy Worms

(If you’re squeamish you may want to skip this post.)

This morning while getting ready for work I had a flashback to one of my fondest memories of my first foster, Dash.  He was around 16 weeks old (if I remember correctly) when I got him.  As anyone that’s cared for a young puppy knows, at this point, he should have been dewormed a couple of times.  Should have.  The shelter he came from does not provide medical care so this was never done.  Can you guess where this is headed?


At his first vet visit I received the dewormer to give him.  Once home, I gave it to him and waited.  And waited a little more.  As soon as the sun was completely down and it was nice and pitch black out, Dash decided he was ready to go out and do his business.  He squatted down and starting doing his thing.  And then froze.  And then yelped a little.  And then began scooting his bottom on the ground while looking at me, his face a mask of sheer terror, seemingly saying, “Oh. My. Dog.  Whatishappeningtomeeeee?!?!”


And that’s when I saw them.  Worms.  White, stringy, glowing-in-the-dark, worms.  Hanging out of his bottom.  No amount of straining on Dash’s part was going to get them out of his little body.  What’s a foster mom to do?  Well get her hands dirty of course.  No really, I got my hands dirty.  Dirrrr-ty.  With a resigned sigh I reached in there and starting pulling.  And they kept coming, and coming, and coming.  The string of them literally longer than my arm by the time I finished.

Foster Mom

Moral of the story?  Worms grow.  Deworm puppies as recommended by your veterinarian.  And of course, foster moms rock.  Have you ever gotten your hands dirty for one of your dogs or a foster?  Do share!

A Word From Maggie:

Hey there everybodies!  Moo here.  Has you heard the news?  I got ‘dopted!


I have a little confession to make though.  I already knew I was with my forever family, it just took foster momma a little longer to figure it out (she’s slow like that, ya know?)  Oh, and that’s another thing!  I can finally stop calling her “foster” mom now.  She insisted that I say that before, and I was like, “Ok lady, but you know you is my mom.”  Sometimes you just gotta let them have their way.

IMG_3277 Mom has been really slacking on the bloggy lately and I knows you all have missed hearing bouts me so I thought I should tell you a little about my new house.  Really, the only important thing to know is that it has the biggest, most wonderful yard ever!  It is so awesome, we can run and run and run and…well you probably see where I’m going with this.  And we hasn’t had to wear our leashes at all!  So cool.  The picture below is of me and my most favorite thing about the yard: the big chewy tree.


Yup, I gets to tear of the pieces and chew on them!  I know, I really do have a pretty cool momma, huh?  While I has been doing important things, like chewing, and running, and sunbathing, mom has been doing what she calls “improvements” around the house.  I don’t see what there is to improve though, the yard is already awesome.  Despite that, she has been spending a lot of time with these roller thingies putting stuff on the walls.  Looks about the same to me, but she says the color (what’s color?) is more her style.  Whatever lady.  And she has been doing this other project that keeps making dad go somewhere called “Home Depot”.  (What’s a de-pot anyways?)


The “before” picture. Fingers crossed I am able to channel my inner “Martha” and turn the guest bath into something a little more snazzy!

I sure hope she knows what she’s doing.  I guess she has pretty good taste though, she did pick me after all.  Well, I guess that should just about catch you all up on everything you missed.  Oh!  I almost forgot.  Mom says we get to go to the beach this week!  Since the beach is pretty much The Greatest Place Ever, I’m pretty excited.  I’ll make sure she gets some pictures so you can all admire my pretty face.  Ok, bye for now friends!