(almost) Wordless Wednesday

Some pictures from Buddy’s day:



You might recognize the pretty little lady from this post.




I’d say those are some happy pups, wouldn’t you?  If you missed it on Facebook, here is the link to my Etsy shop.  It’s sparse right now, but I plan to add new listings every day or so, so check back often if you think you’re interested!

Buddy, my new Etsy model.

Recently I’ve been working on a little fundraising idea I had.  You see, rescue can quickly become a costly business.  For example, if I get the Humane Society here to agree to take a dog from a high kill shelter, they require a donation.  It costs them $50 to neuter a dog, so that is what I would donate.  Or maybe I really want to see a dog rescued but can’t find anywhere for it to go.  I might offer a rescue to help pay their vetting if they will agree to take the dog.  And then of course there is Last Hope Rescue which I am part of and working to branch out in the city I moved to, Jacksonville, FL.  It would feel great to have a little money that I had already raised if anything urgent came up, so I wouldn’t have to immediately dip into our personal money.  (Rich may or may not have been a little upset with me when he realized just how much I spent on rescue last year….whoops!)  So anyways, I’ve been working on way to make a little side money to help fund my rescue habit.


With a brother that bartends and a friend that sells wine, I realized I have literally an infinite supply of free bottles.  I’ve always loved painting and have too many paint jars and samples lying around the house.  Combine the two and my idea to sell hand-painted bottles was born!  It keeps bottles out of landfills and it’s (hopefully) raising money for a good cause.  Maybe I’m biased but it seems like a good idea to me!


So today I’ve been working on getting some pictures of my finished products.  Of course I broke my favorite lens earlier (seriously, I should be named Murphy because anything that can go wrong, will) and I was using the wrong kind of lens to get good detail of the bottles.  While it was frustrating because it wasn’t what I had in mind, it did lead to the idea of getting the dogs in the picture.  And wouldn’t you know it, Buddy stole the show!  It might be because we spent a couple of hours running around on trails this morning (I’m still sticking to my New Year’s Resolution, people!) and Buddy was pooped, but he was great at sitting still where I asked him to.  Of course there were too many bloopers to count, because the girls obviously needed to see what was going on, but that’s the fun part.  I didn’t really get what I needed for my shop, but what do you think, would you buy from an Etsy shop that snuck in a few cute pictures of dogs?  I think I would!

IMG_5107IMG_5074Buddy sure looks thrilled, doesn’t he?