Maggie’s Musings III

Oh hey everybodies!  Foster mommy says she is too tired to think straight because she worked more this weekend than she does in a normal work week so I decided this was a most perfect time to talk to all my fans!  I knows you guys get tired of hearing her blab on and on and on about things that aren’t me, so I will do my bestest to make up for her slacking.  So, where do I start?

I knows!  First, foster mom is the most terrible foster mom of all time.  She didn’t even tell you, my most loyal fans, that I graduated from Obedience School!  That’s right friends, I am a graduate!  I did sooo good in class.  Foster mom says we are going to go to the next class they offer too and I am SO happy abouts that because I loves it there and I especially loves my teacher.

Also, now I has a new best friend.  Well, he isn’t really new, it’s foster dad, but I has decided that he is now my best friend.  I loves him.  I was so silly to be scared of boys.  I realized that and now I likes to meet new boys and cuddles with foster dad.  He wraps me up in blankets since I am always cold and he keeps me warm.

I knows what else!  On Friday we had a little puppy have a sleep over.  It was such a fun night.  I liked to play with her and also cuddles her because she was so cute and little.  Foster mommy kept telling me what a good girl I was for sharing my house with a new dog.  I said, “I likes it!  Let’s get more puppies for me to play with!”

In fact, foster mom and dad kept talking about how easy it was with a fourth dog.  Foster moms says it would be a good idea to has another young dog for me to plays with since Buddy and Tag are old and lazy.  And foster mom says she is not happy that they has not helped any other dogs lately so this is a most perfect way for me to get all the things I want and foster mommy can shut her big ole mouth about me getting ‘dopted.  I sure hopes they think about it, I would loves it.

I knows what else I has to tell everybodies.  On Sunday I went on a walk with some friends and then foster mom decided to take me in to the dog park to play!  She was nervous but she is just such a worry wart for no reason.  I just ran and played with all the dogs.  Foster mom said I had the biggest smile while I was running around.  She says we get to go back in a few days to play some more!

Well everybodies, I thinks that is the most important things you all needs to know.  Don’t miss my cute butt too much!

Sharing is Caring.

Freckles is a big, sweet, goofball of love.

So, we’ve all been here:  there is a picture of an incredibly cute dog in need on Facebook, your mouse hoovers between the “like” and the “share” button, you are having an internal battle over which to click, or if you even want to click at all.  If you “like” it, maybe some of your friends will see but otherwise, you’re done.  If you “share” it, you worry you might be annoying your friends with all the pictures of dogs on your news feed.  You don’t want people to be annoyed with you!  You don’t want to be “that” person.  You do nothing.

Achilles is one of the most urgent dogs. He will be put down on Monday (tomorrow).

Guess what?  You just made the decision, not to help that dog.  I know, I know, I sound so mean and harsh, don’t I?  Well here’s the thing: when you “share” the picture, now all of your friends can see it too.  Sure, there are probably some people that are annoyed by it (do you really care what they think though?), but there also might be someone that sees the dog and falls in love.

Keagan is also urgent. He is incredibly sweet, somewhat shy, but very eager to please.

You’ve probably got hundreds of friends, you can’t tell me you know for a fact none of them are in the market for a dog.  Don’t quote me on this, but I would venture to guess at least 80% of our (Last Hope Rescue) adoptions happen through Facebook.  The remaining 20% come from all of the other adoption avenues–word of mouth, adoption events, Petfinder.


And here’s the other thing.  So maybe you really don’t have a single friend in the market for a new dog.  Can you be certain that one of them doesn’t happen to have a friend that is though?  Maybe your friend shares it with their friend who then might share it with another friend and before you know it, BAM!  That dog just got adopted.

Sally is another urgent one that will be put down by Wednesday.

Ok, I’ll admit, I’m being somewhat dramatic.  The thing is though, these lives truly do depend on it.  On Friday I mentioned that I was going to go take pictures of dogs at a small shelter outside of town and then help create a Facebook page for the shelter.  Well, we got it up and running and lo and behold, I do believe we have already found homes for a few of the dogs.  Now if that doesn’t back up what I’m saying, nothing does.  About a day and a half after the inception of the Facebook page and we have already saved some?  Pure awesomesauce.  And social media miracles.

So, next time you see a picture of a dog in need I encourage you not to look the other way and instead actively help that dog by sharing his picture.  You don’t have to do it for every single dog you see (that would be madness) but maybe one a day.  Or anyone that tugs particularly hard at your heartstrings.  All it takes is about 3 seconds of your time and who knows, you might just be the “share” that lead to that dog getting saved.  Pretty cool, huh?


All of the dogs pictured on this post are from the shelter I was at on Friday.  A perfect way to help would be to share this post.  To see more, check out the page we started by clicking here or searching on Facebook for Friends of Wakulla County Animal Control.

The Weekend’s Here

…and boy is there a lot going on!  Today I’m sneaking out of work a few hours early and heading to a small shelter outside of Tallahassee with a fellow volunteer.  Our mission?  Get pictures of all their dogs, set up a Facebook account for the shelter, and promote the living daylights out of it.  Why in the world are we doing that you ask?  Well, it’s a very small shelter and currently the rescue I volunteer for has been promoting their dogs for them but it’s getting to be quite confusing.

The shelter is a “kill” shelter which means that once they hit capacity, they have to start putting down dogs.  Pretty sad, huh?  No one wants that, especially the people that work and volunteer at the shelter, which is why we are doing this.  So, wish us luck and don’t you worry, I’ll flood my blog with pictures of the adorable dogs.

The rest of the weekend consists of running errands (mostly rescue related), a group dog walk, and for adoptable Maggie a whole lot of this:

 Happy Friday everyone!

Leo needs a home for the Holidays

Happy Monday everyone!  Boy, what a busy weekend it was.  All I can say is dogs, dogs, dogs.  Saturday and Sunday I was gone basically all day at adoption events, which unfortunately I wasn’t able to bring Maggie to, so she did a whole lot of this while I was gone (pardon the awful red eye):

Yes, Maggie actually sleeps like that, it’s not a quickly snapped shot before she moved into a new position.  She is such a goof.  Tonight we will be going to a Halloween party at her obedience school where I am hoping she catches the eye of a potential adopter!  Everyone cross your fingers and paws for us!

So, backing it up a little, on Friday I went out to take pictures and meet a dog that Last Hope Rescue is trying to help.  We were contacted by a very nice lady named Lynn after she saw this little dog lying in a puddle on the side of the road and stopped to help.  Nearby there were people in the process of moving but they denied the dog being theirs.  The poor guy was in rough shape so she brought him to her house.

As you can see, he is about as cute as it gets.  When I got there he came right over to say “hi” and see what I was all about.  We sat and chatted for awhile then I got Lynn to help me test him out with one of her dogs.  Up until this point she had been keeping them separate since she already has four and two of them tend to be very territorial.  So I put Leo on a leash (which he walks like quite the gentleman on) and she brought out one of her dogs on a leash too.  We spent some time walking around near each other without letting the dogs get too close at first.  As we got closer and closer the boys kind of checked each other out but neither seemed to care at all about the other.  Eventually they both flopped down and laid in the sun right next to each other while Lynn and I chatted some more.

After I left, Lynn and her husband decided to let their dogs out one at a time to meet Leo.  They all got along wonderfully and played chase with each other.  Leo was even happy to share his bones with his new friends.  Lynn said that it was obvious he was very happy to get to be part of the pack.

Leo is such a sweet boy and would make a wonderful addition to any family.  He is very neat and clean, as I am learning Chows tend to be, gets along wonderfully with other dogs, and is just a big old sweetheart.  If you or anyone you know might be interested in either fostering or adopting Leo please get in touch with either me or Last Hope Rescue at  Let’s find Leo a home of his very own for the holidays! 

(almost) Wordless Wednesday

Maggie with her pretty “necklace”:

And of course, the bloopers:

Seriously, how do I still have this dog?  She is awesome!  Please tell your grandma, tell your neighbor, tell your hairdresser, tell your mailman’s best friend’s sister’s cousin about Maggie and help me find her forever home!