Buying Your New BFF?

Yesterday I met up with my brothers for lunch.  There is this awesome dog that keeps getting the short end of the stick (no pun intended) and I was asking them if they knew of anyone in the market for a super easy, laid back dog.  My brother Nic, you remember him from my all time favorite rescue, said, “You should just take him to J’s house.  They wouldn’t notice another dog!”  “J” is one of the guy’s Nic lived with when he first adopted the girls.  (He has since moved into a new house because there were already three dogs at J’s house, and with his new girls, five was just too many.)  “What do you mean?  Did they get more dogs?!” I asked.  “Yea, they just bought two new puppies.”


Wait a second.  They bought two puppies?  What the what?  They obviously know and love Nic’s two rescued girls.  So I know they know about rescues and how awesome the dogs you can get from them are… that begs the question: Why?  Why in the world did they BUY two puppies?

Obviously I was like “What the heck?!  Why did they buy them?!”  Nic didn’t really have a good answer and seemed almost ashamed.  He basically just said, “They didn’t really know any better.”  Ugghhhhhhhh!  Hearing things like this sends me through a whirlwind of emotions: sad, frustrated, and angry being at the top of the list.  I want to immediately hate the buyer and assume that they are horrible, evil people without a soul–but I know these guys, and they are truly good, nice guys.  So why, when they have seen firsthand what great dogs you can get from a rescue, did they choose to buy?  You better believe, I fully intend to ask them next time I see them.  Nic, if you’re reading this, I promise not to nag them or be annoying!  I just truly am curious as to what their thought process was.  What is the driving force behind their decision?  Maybe if I can understand their logic, I can learn a better way to go about educating other people.

It’s absolutely gut wrenching to know that there are amazing dogs like Rocky that end up rotting away in a shelter while people are going out and buying dogs.  And for what, a lack of education?  A lack of empathy?  Plain old indifference?  If it’s a lack of education, we can all work to fix that, but you can’t force people to care.  And that essentially is what this boils done to in a lot of instances, isn’t it?


How sad is it that I can only get my hands on ONE picture of this amazing dog?           He deserves so much more.

 To watch a video showing just how awesome Rocky is, click here.  If you are interested in this sweet, mellow, so deserving boy, please please please email me at