Hey there.






Hey Friends.  We have missed you here at THPL!  Well, we’ve been reading our favorite bloggies of course, but it’s been ages since we’ve filled you in on the happenings around here.  Really there isn’t much to report other than we’ve been particularly busy with that crazy little thing call ‘life’.  I’m making a big effort to improve my photog skillz.  Can you tell?  Moo is starting a refresher obedience course in a couple of weeks.  After that she will be going right into an agility course which I am beyond excited for!  Buddy and Tag are wonderful as usual.  The first ever Last Hope Rescue – Jacksonville foster puppy was adopted by a lovely family and is now being spoiled rotten.  The Jacksonville Humane Society recently had its 2,000 adoption of the year – quite exciting.  Aaand I think that’s about it.  Oh!  I finally sold a couple of things from my Etsy shop, which is great because as per usual there is an abundance of dogs that I’d like to help, so every little penny helps.  I’ve been trying to find the time to get some new stuff painted and listed so that I can hopefully sell even more.  Whelp, I think that’s all, folks.  Until next time, xoxooo!

6 thoughts on “Hey there.

  1. Nice to have a catch up from you, I have been meaning to get in contact and see how you are but I’m a little wrapped up in DIY. Keep being amazing and I hope we get a proper catch up soon xx


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