Sunday Funday (brought to you on Monday.)

Since accepting the job at the Humane Society I have only had one day a week off: Sundays.  My guilt level has been through the roof regarding my own dogs and their lack of entertainment/exercise lately, so you better bet we take full advantage of our Sundays.  Check out some photos from yesterday’s adventures:





My guilt has been so bad in fact, that when the girls found disgusting things to roll in, I just let them have at it.  I know.  It’s crazy.




But really, is there anything happier than a dirty dog?  I think not.  Besides, I’m certainly not going to deny them this simple joy after neglecting them all week!

Water Lillies


Do you have a job (or jobs) that require you to be away from your dogs for long hours?  Do you share the same soul crushing guilt as me?  We take Maggie to “camp” occasionally, which helps, and of course we leave them with entertainment like Kongs, but that all only goes so far.  Knowing that you are your dogs’ entire world, how do you not feel guilty when you are away from them for long hours?  No really, I’d like to know!

11 thoughts on “Sunday Funday (brought to you on Monday.)

  1. They look so happy! I love the rolling photos, haha. I don’t currently have a job that keeps me away from Rufus for long periods of time but it sounds like you’re doing everything right with the time you have! Don’t beat yourself up – that’s life, right?

  2. Muddy Dogs, Happy Dogs! This reminds me of my folks’ winter home in Florida, on the Withlacoochee. Congrats on your work at the Humane Society – I know it spreads you thin, but those poor souls at the Shelter are better off for it – maybe that will help assuage the guilt some! I work from home so I do not have to leave Ca$h much, but every now and then a Pet Expo takes me away to sell our clothing line. I only do it if I know Edwin will be home to tend to his whims. But for all I know he is probably relieved when I am not around bugging him! 🙂

  3. They look so happy, seems like you guys had a great Sunday! I work long hours and have a 2 hour commute so I always feel bad about leaving my girl at home. I get 3 day weekends though so we make up for the rest of the week by spending as much time on the move as we can.

  4. Don’t beat yourself up!! While we’re usually gone no longer than 10 hours during the week, I still feel bad, especially on nights were we have things going on. These nights we run home from work, let them out to pee and feed them, and then put them back in. We try to keep these to a minimum, but we also try to make up for them on the weekends if it’s been a busy week by hanging out with them ALL day!

    LOVE those rolling pics — they look SUPER happy!!

  5. I do feel guilty. I just keep telling myself that all three of our pups would have been goners if they didn’t come live with us – the life they have, with only two big play days a week, is much, much better than the alternative!

  6. Your dogs look like they had a great time playing in the woods! When I have to leave my golden retriever to go to work, I give her a kiss on the top of her head and tell her what a good girl she is. When I leave, she is usually smiling from all the attention I just gave her!

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