(almost) Wordless Wednesday

If we’re friends on Facebook (and if we aren’t, why not?  There is all sorts of fun stuff not here on the blog!) you’ve already seen the picture below:

Happy Lab

Per my New Year’s Resolution I spent some alone time with super smiley Tag yesterday.  We went to a little park in our neighborhood and ran around like silly kids, played on the jungle gym, and watched some ducks that were happily swimming around.

Happy DogI have to say, it actually broke my heart a little bit seeing just how happy she was to be the center of attention.  What a simple thing that I was denying her.  Yesterday just encouraged me to spend even more one-on-one time with my pups.

Happy Dog

Happy Hump Day Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “(almost) Wordless Wednesday

  1. Sounds like a brilliant resolution and so great that you are going to stick with it! it’s one of the only brilliant things that has come out of not living with BD any more, when I see him I have a clear calendar and he has 100% of my attention and I have planned special things for us to do. In fact he probably gets the same if not more time than Mity who is living with me!

  2. I do this with our dogs too! I spend one on one time with each of them. We also have a special nite-time routine we do each and every night too with some precious cuddling time!

  3. Our other pups don’t seem too relish alone time quite the way that Tonka does, and I can totally relate to that broken heart feeling… it is my biggest worry, that he ever feels neglected or unloved. However, I know that’s mostly just me anthropomorphizing and giving myself a guilt trip!


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