A Quick…


To everyone that responded to my last post with your suggestions and ideas, truly, thank you.  I’m getting to work on a variety of them and attempting to tweak others to fit my circumstances a little better.  I hope to be able to share exciting updates soon!


I hope you are cuddled up and enjoying this Sunday like we are!  (It’s hard to believe the girls ever squabble when you see how much they love each other, isn’t it?)

5 thoughts on “A Quick…

  1. They are adorable. One thing I’d suggest is to never leave them unsupervised. Even when I had 2 dogs of my own, years ago, they stayed each in a separate crate.

  2. I just went through and read what you and the girls have been going through. I have also been through the same thing with my girls and unfortunately one of them is no longer with us. The dynamics for us changed when our male alpha passed away 4 months after we brought in a new adopted female. After that our old girl just wasn’t herself and would have no patience. We had two serious fights and random nips here and there. We were always home when they happened. It happens so quick it’s frightening. Sending you lots of positive juju that the girls settle back into their comfort zone. I currently have one and one foster and I keep a vigilant eye on them to make sure they don’t get past their threshold.

    • Oh my gosh, I am so sorry to hear that you went through what sounds even more traumatic of a situation than us! Thankfully our girls truly are fine…I just can’t let one little thing stray from our “norm” because that is when the fights happen. And you’re right, it’s so quick that it’s very frightening. I’m sending YOU tons of positive thoughts and prayers that everything continues to go smooth with your foster (who is too cute for words by the way.)


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