{Take Action Tuesday} #GivingTuesday

Have you heard of this new “thing”?  It’s like Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, and I LOVE the idea.  It’s no secret I think our society is a little too wrapped up in itself so the fact that this new movement makes it “cool” to give to good causes is just pure awesomesauce in my opinion!  Here is a link to the official site where all of the official partners are listed.  Peruse through and see if one jumps out at you then click the link to donate to them!  Easy-peasy.

But wait!  You guys know me well enough to know I’m always a fan of the little guy, so of course I’m going to include links to some smaller organizations that I personally know of and feel 100% confident supporting:

Lulu, the beloved rescue pup.

Last Hope Rescue – No surprises here as it is the rescue I am part of!

Allen Babcock Rescue – This is a fantastic Florida rescue whose entire mission is to take in what are generally deemed as “unadoptable” animals.  They have taken more than one dog from the tiny Animal Control I used to volunteer with, who would have otherwise been put down, and given them fantastic lives.

V.O.C.A.L. – This is another rescue from Tallahassee, FL that works to help build fences to get dogs off chains.  I have more than one friend that volunteers with them and they are a fantastic group that is really working to make a difference in the lives of animals.

Be The Solution – Can’t say enough good things about this Tallahassee group either.  They work to educate the public as well as provide financial assistance to pet owners that could not otherwise afford to alter their animal.  I’ve personally worked with them more than once and they are fantastic!  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  I couldn’t agree more!

(Psssst, even $1 makes a difference.  If 1,000 people that felt they couldn’t afford to share, skipped buying a pack of gum at the convenience store and donated that $1 instead, that’s $1,000!)

Take action!

9 thoughts on “{Take Action Tuesday} #GivingTuesday

  1. So today I signed up for Amazon Smile. Now a % of what I spend there wlil go to Last Hope Rescue. Boy, those folks sure are organized and efficient and make it really easy to support them in small, financial ways. 😉

    So far, it looks identical to regular Amazon, except I use the URL smile.amazon.com. I am already a Prime user and a Kindle addict, so…

    In the past I’ve been overwhelmed with the need in the world and felt completely incapable of helping at all. I find that concentrating on ONE area helps a lot. When I write a check to LHR and know that dogs get fostered and adopted, and then see updates of what great lives those pups have now, I can actually feel how my small contribution has helped the world instead of feeling helpless. It’s just a change in perspective, but it helps. I love the idea of giving Tuesday!

    • Kym, can I share what you wrote? I’ve actually been wanting to write something about feeling overwhelmed, etc and how every little bit really does matter. As always, you said it so perfect that I’d love to include it if that’s okay?


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