The Plan

Last week I had an admittedly vague post about an announcement I was planning to make.  Then I mentioned meeting with the president of Last Hope Rescue.  And talked a lot about helping local rescues here.  And I have also been highlighting both on the blog and the Facebook page some adoptable dogs of Last Hope Rescue that are currently living at a boarding facility.  Can you piece it all together and guess what my announcement is?!

Elliot is sweet, mellow, and searching for a home to call his own.

If you said, “Morgan is going to test out how well she can run part of a rescue,” then you are exactly right!  Ever since we moved three hours away from Tallahassee, where Last Hope Rescue is located, I have been miserable contemplating the different possibilities for how to stay active in rescue.  I tried getting involved with a couple of local rescues in my new city, but none were a good fit.  And I would love to be a regular foster again, but sadly Tag has proven herself intolerant of additional dogs in our home (for more than a few hours at a time) which makes fostering a little tricky.  Sure, there are other ways that I could stay involved like I talked about here, which are perfect for so many people, but that’s just not enough for me personally.  I have a need to do more.  So much so that I feel like if I didn’t, it would be a waste and I would deeply regret it later in life.

Elliot is sweet, mellow, and searching for a home to call his own.

After discussing all of the ways to approach this venture, we (the president of Last Hope Rescue and myself) decided that the best thing to do for now is for me to quietly start trying to find fosters.  My immediate goal is to find ones that would be a good fit for at least some of the dogs that are living in the kennel, like Elliot who is featured in this post.  If the foster homes I find aren’t a good fit for any of those dogs, then we will work together to find a different dog to place with them.  I’ll also need to find a good veterinarian for the rescue.  And start fundraising.  And find venues for adoption events.  And approximately one billion other little “behind the scenes” kind of things that are integral to the success of a rescue.

Elliot is sweet, mellow, and searching for a home to call his own.

For the first couple of months we will monitor how things are going.  Are people confused because the dogs are not located in Tallahassee?  Did it make no difference at all?  Are dogs actually getting adopted quicker over here?  Should we start new Facebook pages and websites or continue to share the existing one?  Is this creating more work for the president, or are things running smoothly?  These are some of the questions we want to get a feel for before we make any big announcements or official decisions about the future of Last Hope Rescue.  We might find that it is best for me to completely start a new rescue, under my own name, and operate as “partners”.  But for now, we are hoping that we can work together and I will just head up the Jacksonville portion of the rescue.

Elliot is sweet, mellow, and searching for a home to call his own.

So it may not sound like much right now, but that’s The Plan!  Do a “test run” and see how things go for a couple of months.  Work out the kinks.  I can’t help but believe that easing into things, getting a feel for it all, and testing out the waters here in Jacksonville is the best way to approach this.  Maybe I will learn that I am not in fact cut out for this level of stress and responsibility.  Maybe Jacksonville is completely unreceptive to a new rescue.  Maybe I will fail miserably.  Or maybe it will be a smashing success and I can help Last Hope to save as many dogs in a new city as they have in Tallahassee, and start education and outreach programs, and other big picture goals that we both share and would be most realistically reached together.  I won’t know until I try, so here goes nothing!

Elliot is another Last Hope rescue dog that I truly can’t say enough good things about.  He’s sweet, mellow and happy-go-lucky.  You can literally see the wheels turning as he tries to figure out how to please you.  If you are interested in learning more about his handsome, sweet guy, please email me at morganrivera518(at)gmail(dot)com.  I’d like nothing more than to get him out of the kennel before Christmas!  

22 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. Awesome Morgan!!! I am currently volunteering for a rescue in Michigan and yes it is a whole lot of work but the rewards far exceed the “kinks”…You have a positive attitude and your heart is filled with what you are going to need to help you overcome any hurdles that may get in your way!!!

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