A little over a week ago I was approached by someone I work with asking if I might be able to help with a friend-of-a-friend that was trying to re-home their dog.  I got their information and reached out, sure that I would not actually be able to help, but wanting to try anyways.  The young girl was nearly in tears as she told me about her recent breakup that left her a struggling single mom and how she loved her dog but felt she couldn’t afford him anymore.  She was having a hard time even affording food and was struggling with a flea infestation.  I was so thankful.  Hear me out!  So often people want you to come and just take their dog; their mind is made and they are resistant to any sort of help outside of what they have decided they want.  Here was a girl that really, really wanted to keep her dog and was willing to accept help.


Over the weekend I was back in Tallahassee for a friend’s birthday and to meet with the president of Last Hope Rescue (more on that soon!) and we were able to get together enough supplies to last this girl about four months.  On the way back to town I stopped at a Home Depot and got her some things to try to get rid of the flea infestation in her home as well.  While dropping off everything the girl also asked for help finding a veterinarian.  Her dog wasn’t neutered and I was more than happy to oblige!  Here in Jacksonville there is actually a clinic that performs free spay and neuters of pit bull type dogs so I got her all of their information.

Florida Wildlife

I am thankful that the person I work with thought of me to ask for help.  I am thankful this girl wasn’t too proud to accept my help.  I’m thankful Last Hope Rescue was willing to help me help this girl keep her dog in her home and out of the shelter.  I am thankful there are low cost spay and neuter clinics.  Most of all, I am thankful to have met so many other people that are willing to work together to save lives.  What are you thankful for the most this year?

Moss and Palm TreesOk, fine, I’m also thankful to live in Florida where it’s still in the 70’s and I can take the dogs for gorgeous walks with scenery like this!

15 thoughts on “Thankful

    • And the thing is, the resources are out there. One of my big pictures goals is to really tackle education and outreach because it is SO much easier to help teach someone that already loves their dog how to better care for it and find resources than it is to find a new home for a potentially traumatized dog that was dumped by his family at the shelter. I have visions of handing out information packets in low-income and rural areas where the biggest problems exist. Anyways, I think things are slowly improving. We just have to keep trying to get the word out there!

  1. I am THANKFUL for you.
    I am THANKFUL for what you do.
    I am THANKFUL for the dog being able to stay in his home.
    I am THANKFUL for wonderful organizations who spay & neuter.
    I am THANKFUL for people having the knowledge to contact you.
    I am THANKFUL for every effort to save an animals life.

    • Well thank you! I’m thankful for awesome readers like you whom I know have adopted their furry loved ones and are giving them the best lives they could ever dream of!

      • We are thankful too that we could do this too and help save two doggies lives! They bring us so much joy each and every day! I could not imagine life without them.

  2. Putting my fear of cheesiness aside, I am super thankful for YOU! I am thankful for what you do for others, for animals, and for me. I love this post and and what you did. Phenomenal. THIS is what animal rescuers should be all about! If we can help the people who love animals, we are helping the animals in a much more realistic and positive way.

    • You are silly but thank you. And I couldn’t agree more! This is actually where I have realized (not just because of Sunday) that I need to be focusing the most. It just makes sense. Why put the dog through the trauma of being bounced around if you can help it stay where it is already loved? Not to mention that takes away from other dogs who never had a family or whose family really didn’t love them. It’s really simple!

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