Throw Back Thursday

I’ve been doin’ a little work around the blog here lately.  Have you noticed any of the changes?  On the left you can see what Wordpess tells me are my most popular posts.  I’ve also linked my Instagram account so now you can see, in real time I might add, whatever goofy thing the pups are up to at my house.  Also, I made a new page at the top called “favorites“.  I spent a very long afternoon going through all, yes all, of my posts since I started this blog.  I picked out my very favorites and placed them all here!

Maggie, a rescued pit bull, in deep thought.

While you can see Maggie isn’t impressed by my efforts, I’m hoping you all might be!  So today’s post isn’t much more than a shameless self-promotion, but I hope if you find yourself bored you take the time to read some of my favorite posts from the last year and a half.  I like to think they are the ones that do the best job of illustrating who I am and what I’m about.  Throwin’ it back on this Thursday, folks!

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