A Little Altruism Talk.

It wasn’t all that long ago I wrote a post I personally still really enjoy:  I could have more money, but I wouldn’t be as rich.  It seems to ring truer and truer for me with every day.  I have been feeling deeply altruistic of late, and not just about animals as is normally the case for me.  I keep feeling the need to make my life mean something, and for me, that would preferably be a positive difference for others (human and furry alike.)  I want to be known as “a good person”.  Nothing more complicated, or deep than that; when people mention or think of me, I just want it to be with something like, “Yea, Morgan, she’s a good person” attached to the end of their thought.  This does not come from a place of vanity.  I just really want to make a positive difference in the world.  That simple.

Maggie, a rescued pit bull, appreciates a simple, sunny day.

When an email was sent around my office about “Adopting a Senior” my mind immediately jumped to senior animals (shocking, I know.)  The program was in fact, about senior humans, and not animals.  I decided to adopt not one, but two, seniors that live in my area that have no families of their own.  All the program requires of me is to buy a gift from their “wish list” and either drop it off or deliver it myself.  I’ve decided that these people are certainly not just lonely during the holidays so I have a few different ideas of ways to reach out and hopefully build a little bit of a relationship with them that can last beyond the holidays.  I’m also in the process (no joke, it’s seriously a whole process) of applying to the children’s hospital here.  I haven’t completely decided how I feel about that though, not because I am afraid of how sad it might be, but because it has strict requirements on how much time you must pledge and a minimum of a 6-month commitment.  I’m cautious to take on a hefty commitment because I am hoping for a big development with my rescue efforts in the near future.  I apologize for how vague that sounds, but I don’t want to jinx anything!  Cross my heart, hope to die, I will make the announcement so we can all celebrate together just as soon as I know things are a “Go.”

In addition to “adopting” the seniors, and applying to the children’s hospital, I also decided to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.  It’s a little-known organization that builds houses in low-income areas and provides mortgage assistance to qualifying buyers of said homes.  Have you heard of it?  Yea, I thought so.  I had always thought it seemed like so much fun to go and actually work.  To actually build something.  It’s no secret, I like physical labor and really getting my hands dirty.  I was so excited!  I arrived at 7:30 am on the dot, rocking my oldest jeans, and couldn’t wait to get started.  I was going to help build a house!

Maggie, a rescued pit bull, enjoying to comfort and safety of her forever home.

The crew arrived and once everyone was there the “foreman” gave us a mini orientation and off we went.  Sadly (for me at least) the house was mostly complete already and we were in charge of prepping and painting that day.  I volunteered to spackle the holes in the baseboards and as I got to work I started chatting with the woman that was spackling the door frames.  She was excited because she was a homebuyer and nearing the end of her required 300 hours of work.  It was so cool to interact with a real person, that was really benefiting from this program, and that really appreciated it.  I imagined her as the human version of a dog that was finally leaving the shelter and headed to a real home for the first time.  Pure and simple appreciation.

While my heart undoubtedly lies with animals in need, I also see the importance in helping out some two-leggers as well every now and then.  In a world caught up in the size of Kim Kardashian’s newest engagement ring, I think we could all benefit from ungluing our eyes from the television and going out and helping those that are less fortunate than us.  It makes you appreciate everything you have, and I for one, think we need more of that.

22 thoughts on “A Little Altruism Talk.

  1. No, Morgan is not a good person. Morgan is an exceptional person:) I am impressed and in awe of all the things you do. No, it has nothing to do with vanity. There are people like you that do things because it makes them happy and also because they want to make a difference. Wish you the best:)

    • Thank you! You are so sweet. I really was writing this post more in hopes of inspiring others to volunteer a little, but I appreciate your kind words very much!

      • And you managed to accomplish that:) Within the next two months, I have to wait for a training class, I’ll start volunteering at an animal shelter in Annapolis. You see? I am probably one of the many people that you’ve inspired:)

      • Not to worry, I will. I contacted the volunteer coordinator this week and I am waiting on her answer. I probably will not be able to start until January 2014 because they only offer an orientation class all volunteers must take once a month. I am very excited about it, and yes I will blog about it:)

  2. What an inspiring post! Wonderful people like you deserve to be given huge hugs every day for the good you do. Talking about what you do is definitely not boasting at all, rather expressing how it makes you and most importantly, others feel. Lots of people need help, need someone to talk to, need us, and you my dear are one truly special person. You are definitely “Paying it Forward”. Thank you for all you do!

    • Thank you for your kind words! I was afraid people would take this post as boasting, and that’s definitely NOT how I meant it, but I went ahead with it in hopes that it would inspire someone else!

      • Don’t ever hesitate to blog about what you feel strongly about. You might have nay-sayers at times, but everyone gets those people on their blog every once in awhile. I like that you believe in what you stand for and do what you love. This is what is most important! 🙂 You’ll be glad to know that I still love you!

  3. We are HUGE proponents of supporting our community around here! I was on the board for a March of Dimes fundraiser and got the dog community to chip in and make donations for a auction basket – doggy daycare certificates, dog grooming, pet sitting, toys, and treats! It was great to have the support of our “world” in the larger community!

    We also try to do some sort of community service before every major holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter) which makes us so much more thankful for what we have! Next week, we’ll be waking up early to greet folks in line at the City Mission waiting for their Thanksgiving food baskets. We’re excited!!

  4. There’s no doubt you are going to make a impact in this world. You already have, are doing, and absolutely will in the future as well. I miss people like you around me! Hope all is well with Rich and the babies.

    • You’re sweet, thank you! I find the time probably mostly because I live in a city where I only know a handful of people, and this is what I like to do for fun! Other than animals, what other causes are you passionate about? Give me some things you love and I’ll try and help you come up with ideas!

      • Um.. there’s something besides animals? lol. I used to take pictures and write. But with my blog it’s been hard to find the time. I think I’ve found my “thing” with animals as I’ve raised funds for a shelter, send them blankets and decorations the past two years and adopted a cat from them. Found a stray cat, got him neutered, tested and a forever home. I really find my peace with animals.

      • Hey, if you’ve found your thing and love it, then by all means, stick with it! You’ve done awesome stuff! My thing is most certainly with animals, too. I just wanted to branch out a little and do some other stuff as well 🙂


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