Breckenridge, CO: Survey shows residents “overwhelmingly opposed” to breed specific legislation

If you’ve never checked out this blog before, I highly recommend it. For those of us that like to try and stay on top of BSL issues, it’s a great resource. Check out today’s post. It’s encouraging to see cities at least attempting to reconsider their previous stance on BSL.

Bless the Bullys

In the wake of a dog-on-dog attack in August, officials in the town of Breckenridge, Colorado set up a survey on the Engage Breckenridge website seeking feedback from residents about possible restrictions or bans on certain dog breeds.

The Survey, which garnered public response until November 4, 2013, asked whether certain dog breeds were perceived as dangerous; what the biggest dog issues is in Breckenridge are; and if there should be more restrictions, or a ban, on specific breeds of dogs.

The results of the survey showed overwhelming opposition to a breed-specific ban in town.

There were 1,374 total responses which revealed that residents did not believe a breed ban or restriction would improve public safety. Residents were not in favor of banning or restricting a specific breed, with 1,159 people voting against the idea and only 193 voting in favor.

Instead, the survey results revealed that the biggest dog…

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