Buddy, the Humor Edition. Plus a Contest?!

Lots of times I find myself talking here about rather serious topics, and owning a pet is serious business for sure, but let’s all take a moment and appreciate the sheer joy, not to mention humor, that our pets bring us:

That’s my Buddy–extremely offended that his dad went on a run and had the nerve to leave him here with all of us girls.  Obviously at the end of the clip, where I tell Buddy “your dad doesn’t love you” I’m just teasing him (have I ever mentioned that we joke around a lot here–because we do!)  Seriously, what a ham though, right?

Since everyone loves a good laugh, not to mention bragging about their pets, I have an idea: send me your best funny picture or video and I’ll post them to the Facebook page!  Wouldn’t it be fun for your pet to get his “15 minutes of fame”?  The picture or video with the most “likes” will win a goodie package with all of our favorite treats for your pup to sample and enjoy!  Fun, right?  So, send your picture/video to: morganrivera518(at)gmail(dot)com.  I’ll give you until Friday (November 1st) and then I’m going to start posting the entries on the Facebook page.  I’ll tally the votes on November 15th and announce the “Funniest Pet”!  I hope for lots and lots of entries, the more the merrier!  (If you have multiple pets, feel free to send entries for all of them!)

5 thoughts on “Buddy, the Humor Edition. Plus a Contest?!

    • Careful what you wish for! He is completely convinced everyone in the world loves him more than we do (hence the constant teasing and “no body loves you” comments. This from one of mostly completely spoiled dogs you could ever meet. Such a goof!


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