Gracie Gets a Home.

Last weekend I got to do one of the most exciting adoptions I’ve done in a long time.  My in-laws had mentioned a while back that they would be interested in adopting a dog, if the right one came along.  She would need to be past the puppy phase, cat friendly, low maintenance, and their biggest request: cuddly!  I kept the idea in the back of my mind, but no dogs were really jumping out at me as a good fit for them.  Then I got the news about Gracie.

Pit Bull adoption Gracie was found over a year ago in a ditch with her 6 puppies, so weak she couldn’t even walk.  Her puppies were adopted but Gracie ended up in a boarding facility due to lack of foster homes.  Then Last Hope Rescue was able to get her moved over to Pet Paradise where she at least got more interaction with humans.  An employee fell in love with her and ended up adopting her.  We were all ecstatic because Gracie has always been a favorite due to her exceptionally sweet nature and we were so excited for her to finally be in a real home.  Sadly, the adopter experienced some personal problems and Gracie landed back at Pet Paradise.  As soon as I heard, I sent a picture to my mother-in-law and asked if they would want to meet Gracie.

Pit Bull tricks

Look at this impulse control. Such a smarty pants!

Pit Bull tricks

Pit Bull tricks

  They said, “Yes!” and I got to work coordinating getting Gracie from Tallahassee to Jacksonville for the meet-and-greet.  Lucky for me, the woman that originally fostered Gracie, who knows the most about her, and undoubtedly has the most love for this sweet girl, now lives in Jacksonville too and was able to come with me to get Gracie and bring her to the meet-and-greet.  Our only concern was with Gracie and the cat.  We knew that she had lived with cats without incident in the past, but because Gracie can be picky with the dogs she does and does not like, the possibility that she might not like their cat was in the back of our mind.  We got Gracie to their house on Friday evening and it was pretty much love at first sight for everyone involved.  We made the decision to keep the cat separate the first night to let Gracie relax and get comfortable.  On Saturday I went back over and did the introduction.  And wouldn’t you know it, everything went better than planned!  Seeing Gracie and the cat at ease with each other (okay, so their cat is still trying to figure out exactly what Gracie is, but she will be comfortable soon) was all it took for the adoption to be finalized!

Pit Bull and cat

Gracie with her new human and feline sisters. Cat? What cat?

Gracie has had one of the roughest lives of any dog I have encountered, yet she is truly the sweetest, happiest dogs on Earth.  All this girl wants or needs is someone to love her…and to cuddle!  She is the epitome of a pit bull: smart, resilient, forgiving, and loving.  I am thrilled to now have her in my family where I know she will experience nothing but love and happiness from here on out.  Welcome home, Gracie!  We love you!

Gracie came from a terrible background but now she lives every dog's dream.

17 thoughts on “Gracie Gets a Home.

  1. Aww.. so happy for our sweet Gracie Girl many many many thanks to all involved in making this happen for her and most of all to the Rivera’s for adopting this precious girl and giving her the forever home she so deserves. You have a gem!! Thank you

    • We sure think she is, though these pictures really don’t do her justice. She looks at you with the biggest eyes, all filled with love, and your heart just melts!

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