Good Enough For You.

So recently I was taking The Moo for a little training walk and stopped to chat with a gentleman that was doing construction on a neighbor’s house.  (This was a training opportunity for Maggie and she did great!)  He kept complimenting Maggie on how beautiful she was and told me how much he loves pit bulls.  In fact, he likes to breed them!  Ugh.  I just didn’t have it in me to go in to preacher-mode at that moment so I kind of just talked about how awesome it is to rescue dogs and we continued on our walk.  After that I decided to take The Moo to the pet store because I was running low on treats (second training opportunity, nailed it again!)  While there, a woman stopped to pet Maggie and told me how her daughter and son-in-law breed pit bulls.  Double UGH!  Twice in like an hour I run into proud back-yard breeds.

I got home and there happened to be an old episode on “Flipping Out” on tv and the main guy was talking about his rescued dogs and how he plans his days around them, etc.  It got me thinking: what other celebrities out there are proud rescued dog owners?  Let’s take a look:

Charlize Theron

Amanda Seyfried

Miley Cyrus

Ryan Reynolds

Hillary Swank ii

Miranda Lambert

George Clooney

Jake Gyllenhaal

In order we have: Charlize Theron, Amanda Seyfried, Miley Cyrus, Ryan Reynolds, Hilary Swank, Miranda Lambert, George Clooney, and Jake Gyllenhaal.  A simple google search will show you these are just a few of the celebrities out there that adopt from shelters and rescues, promote adoption rather than buying, and even spend free time volunteering.  These are people that have all the money in the world, yet they choose to adopt.  They may buy a $5,000 designer handbag, but you won’t catch them buying a designer dog.  So if rescued mutts are good enough for them….why aren’t they good enough for everyone?!  Dog are not status symbols.  Let me repeat that: Dogs are not status symbols!  They are family.  They are friends.  And their lives depend on us.  If someone that can afford to hop on a private jet can see that, why can’t everyone see that?

Rescued: The preferred breed of housewives, college students, athletes, and celebrities everywhere.  Good enough for them; good enough for you.  

All images are from Google Images.

11 thoughts on “Good Enough For You.

  1. The only thing worse than a BYB is a BYB who breeds pibbles. Seriously, we saw a pibble puppy in Petsmart the other day (also running low on treats ;)) and my fiance stopped and was playing with the pup and talking to the people and they were like, “Oh yeah, we just bought her from x breeder” and I kid you not, my fiance stood up, looked them straight in the eye and goes, “Why would you buy a pittie from a breeder?” Then he proceeded to urge me to get out my phone and show him all the pics of pit pups I have taken recently at the shelter. Needless to say, we didn’t make friends that day 😉

    • Good for you guys!!! Sounds just like something I would (normally) do! My hubs isn’t one for confrontation (I guess he thinks thats what he has me for) BUT he will bust out the most intelligent argument you have ever heard when defending the honor of pit bulls…and that’s why I married an attorney 😉 But in all seriousness, I couldn’t agree more. It’s flabbergasting just how overrun with pits the shelters around here are. If I had to guess, I would say for every other breed, there are 10 pits, no joke. And you know, I can’t honestly say that I’ve ever run into a BYB of anything other than pits? Hmmm, my wheels are officially turning on this….

  2. One of my friends has a beagle that she took in to have the snip. The vet told her that her beagle was so pretty they would not carry out the operation until he had been breed from at least once – I nearly flipped! This meant my friend felt that she was a bad person for having not breed him and was when we last spoke, looking out for a female to breed her dog with!!!

    • NO! Oh my gosh, this is absolutely one of the worst things I have ever heard! Oh, I really hope you are able to talk some sense into your friend. SHAME on the vet. I am flabbergasted.


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