You’ve heard of twofers, right?  Like when you get two for the price of one?  Well I’m pleased to report that my friend and I managed to pull off a six-fer!  Yup, you guessed it: six success stories for the price of about one days work!


My friend saw a post on Craigslist giving away puppies and asked me to help her find them homes or a rescue.  Craigslist is a sick, scary, dangerous place for animals and we knew we had to at least try to get these guys to safety.  I was able to get the Humane Society of Jacksonville, who had available foster homes, to take them in to their program.  We got in touch with the family, coordinated all of the details that go into these things, and within about 48 hours the pups were safe.


The wonderful ladies that helped out tremendously by keeping the puppies one night AND driving them half way to meet me. Thank you!

Four puppies were saved and we couldn’t be happier.  But wait, you say!  I claimed this was a “six-fer” so what gives if we only saved four puppies?  Well let me just tell you my friends.  My super-smooth-talking-brilliant friend that saw the ad was able to convince the family to let her help them get their dogs altered!  Oddly, the father of the puppies apparently passed away (she didn’t push the issue, because she wanted to make sure they took her help) BUT they had two unaltered females whom they agreed to get fixed with her help!  So, 4 puppies saved + 2 adults dogs altered = Sixfer!  But let’s be honest here: how many future lives were saved by my friend’s assistance?  Even if each of those females only had one litter with 5 puppies (which is a small litter) that’s TEN more dogs we kept off Craigslist, out of shelters, and away from harm.

puppy and pit bull

This tough little fella thought he could take on Maggie. She was a doll – just stood there and went along with it. Such a good girl!

To me, getting the females altered is even more exciting than saving the puppies.  Sure, it’s not as glamorous, and there aren’t any adorable pictures to share, but it’s this kind of proactive work that will ultimately begin to ease the burden of the pet overpopulation issue.  It may seem small, but every small step adds up, and that’s how we make a difference.  This family very well could have said “No” to the offer to alter their dogs and we probably would have been trying to help them with another litter in about 6 months–but my friend took a chance and it turns out they wanted the help!  I guess my point is, if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, take the extra minute or two and at least attempt to take your rescue efforts to the next level.  The worst that can happen is you are told “no” and you’re in the same boat as you were before.  I know if you are at all involved in rescue work you must have some level of ballsiness (that’s a word, right?) to you, so don’t let it be wasted on just the immediate issue, look to also see how you can prevent it from happening again!  You know, “be the change you want to see”, and all that 🙂

6 thoughts on “Six-fer

  1. What an awesome story!!! And I completely agree that the spay surgeries are much more exciting! I really wish the Craigslist wouldn’t allow people to post animals. I have heard so many horror stories. I have seen some petitions going around so hopefully it will change one day. I will share this on my Facebook page. This post is awesome! Have a great day 🙂


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