A New (to me) Toy!

Remember that time when I super duper creatively begged for an SUV again?  Well I guess my powers of persuasion are stronger than I thought because you’re lookin’ at, okay reading about, my (new to me) SUV!

Pit Bull

My mom came across a heck of deal and the timing was right so we jumped at the opportunity.  The Hubby and I picked it up on Sunday and The Moo has already given it her seal of approval.  I haven’t had time to load my whole crew up (yet!) but Maggie was thrilled with her ride to daycare.  At one point, I could swear she said, “I’m the queen of the worrrrrrrrld!”

Stop and smell the flowers

I can’t wait to haul some dogs around.  In fact, in celebration of my birthday (which lands on the coolest day of the year: Friday the 13th!) tomorrow, I think I might just take myself to the shelter and see if me and my SUV can do some good.  Does anyone else have cool Friday the 13th plans?  Or SUV plans?  Or doggie plans?  Do tell!

5 thoughts on “A New (to me) Toy!

  1. Happy bday! And congrats on your new SUV! We love our Cherokee, $1500 dog mobile, lol! My fiance and I both drive Mustangs regularly so when we got our second GSD we went searching for a dog mobile 😉 I don’t have Friday the 13th plans per se, but we have a dog meet for a foster tomorrow *nervous teeth chattering*, so if all goes well, we may be bringing home a present for my girl Shelby’s 2nd birthday!


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