It’s a Ruff Life

So, this new job of mine is rrrruff.  To make a long story short, the person I replaced was making much larger mistakes than what anyone ever thought and there are, quite literally, millions of dollars in need of correcting.  And we have an audit starting next Monday.  Eek!

Dogs at a field

So what should be a 40 hour a week job is currently about an 80 hour a week job.  Lucky for me, Rich hasn’t started his new job, so he’s been home with the dogs and I haven’t had to feel guilty.  That changes tomorrow.  So now we will both be working very long hours.  Aaaand the guilt kicks in.  We have all sorts of plans in place to make sure the dogs are taken care of, but this guilt!  Man, this guilt.

Happy Dogs

Best buddies.

I’m hoping my wonderful readers can give me some advice!  Daycare, Kongs, walks after work, weekend excursions (if I can get a free weekend soon…) and anything else we can think of will be done, but I’m wondering: does anyone else work crazy long hours?  What do you do to make sure your dog(s) are enriched and happy?  Buddy and Tag are so lazy up there in age that I’m not too terribly worried about them, and Maggie will go to daycare most days, but still!  They’ve been livin’ the good life, never left alone for more than a couple of hours the last few months, and now I feel like they are going to feel incredibly slighted.  So, bring on the advice my friends!

3 thoughts on “It’s a Ruff Life

  1. My mom watches Jango when my work hours are long, that paired with school leaves little time most days to see him, so we spend LOTS of time on the weekends doing fun stuff and then during the week he gets to cuddle with my mom! If you have family near by maybe see if they can come check on them, or even spend a day with em!!! They wont even know you are gone!!!! Sometimes I come home after Jango has spent a fun filled day with my mom and he acts like I dont exist, eventually he notices me and does his little wiggly butt thing and hangs with me!!! Also check these out:
    Jango has both the tug-a-jug and the waggle, they are pretty indestructible and they keep him busy when my mom cant watch him, I use the tug-a-jug to feed him sometimes when Ill be gone for a long time!

  2. Practice obedience on walks to wear out their brains a little more, and food toys, of course! I consider Kongs the easy ones because I never manage to make them up ahead of time and freeze them. I really COULD be working crazy hours right now, but I know myself and my body will protest if I do that for so long. Since I’ve felt well rested about 1 day in the last 45, if I pull a 10-11 hour day, I take it easy another day. I have been piecing things together since the last person kept no notes that I have had access to as of yet, but at least that person got things done despite the disorganization!

  3. I encourage you to have mental stimulation for them — I like to put kibbles in a Kong and seal with peanut butter and freeze. I just learned about DogTV available if you have Direct TV — this is specially filmed shows specifically for dogs so that they can see them. I personally always leave the Food Network on the TV for them! It is good that Maggie is going to daycare. I’m blessed that I’ve been working from home since 1999. You might see if that is a possibility to “flex” time work 1/2 day from home and 1/2 day from office. I really like a Buster Cube too.


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