Balancing Acts

I know I refer to And Foster Makes Five like, all the time, but we just always seem to be on similar pages so I can’t help it!  They recently wrote a post about balance and…here’s a shocker, I’m in a position of playing a balancing act myself.  It’s fantastic news but basically the job that I recently started is turning into kind-of-a-big-deal and I basically have to revamp an entire department that has been screwing things up royally making mistakes for the last year.  And what does this mean for me?  Long, very stressful hours.  With Rich embarking on his law career at the same time, well, it leaves little time for extra curricular actives, like volunteering (no matter how much I wish that could be my actual job.)


It hurts my heart but there is just no way we could take in a foster with the unpredictably (and potentially very long) hours we will both be working for the next few months (years?!)  I know the mutts will be a little sad to see less of us but Maggie will get to go to camp (which is extremely conveniently located about a quarter of a mile from my office!) and the other two will sleep lounge around the house all day, just enjoying being their old lazy selves.

I am proud of the friends that I’ve gotten involved in rescue (go check out UnsaidYetUnderstood who I quite literally had to nag to start fostering….and has now had 10 dogs pass through her doors!) and like to think that even though I’m not actively fostering right now, at least I have inspired others to do so.  This is quite literally the reason I started the blog, so I guess that makes it a success?  There are also friends that have gotten involved in other aspects of volunteering, and also blogging, which I love.  The way I see it, every new person that helps “spread the word” will reach a new person that I couldn’t have.  And those people might become inspired as well, and then they might inspire someone new, and then… see what I mean?  It’s awesome!

Cute Pit Bull

Vote for Maggie to make it into an adorable calendar and possibly become the most perfect ever Miss July by “liking” her picture here!

All of this to say, I have a feeling this space that I’ve so enjoyed filling with stories of my adventures, my overly opinionated opinions, and of course, dogs in need, will probably continue to dwindle as it has been recently.  It makes me sad, but I can also step back and look to the future, and realize that by settling into a prosperous career now, it will ultimately benefit so many more dogs in the long run because I will ultimately be in an even better position to help and give more than just my time.  Don’t get my wrong, if there are things I can do, I will, it’s just I really don’t foresee my blog about fostering really having anything to do with fostering for quite some time.  (This is where I wipe away a tear.)

Balance:  A necessary evil that I will put up with for now.  In the mean time: Foster.  Transport.  Donate.  ADOPT!  Saves lives.

5 thoughts on “Balancing Acts

  1. Sometimes we have to make difficult choices like this… I know you’ll do what you have to do and will continue to help animals in whatever way you can. And, I hope to see a blog post every now and then about your own pups and what’s going on in your part of the world. Best of luck to you!

  2. As I wipe away many tears I sit here so thankful for you and your ability to inspire. If not for you, I would not have had my Annie, my Hollie or my Patrick. I await the day that I can rescue and foster again, all because of you .

  3. As always, so proud to “know” you. You do big things wherever you go, and though your list of rescue-related accomplishments is long, I know this is far from the end for you. I can’t wait to see what you achieve in your life! I’ll be rooting for you!


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