Handsome Eddie

So remember the post with the momma and puppies?  Well, my friend that had them (we have since found a rescue for the puppies, yay!) has another dog at her house that she rescued a few months back that I’m hoping to help as well.  Meet Handsome Eddie:

Big Pit Bull

Quite the stud, huh?  She took him out of an abusive situation and has been layin’ on the love extra thick like ever since.  When she first got him, Eddie was rather nervous, but he has since bonded deeply with her boyfriend, which is pretty darn cool considering most dogs that come from abusive situations tend to be scared of men.  Though he can still be a little shy, he has been doing an excellent job learning what it means to be a loved member of the family.

Staffordshire Terrior

Here is Eddie when my friend first got him. If you look closely, you can see some of his wounds.

Eddie lives in a house with multiple other dogs and gets along great with all of them, male and female alike, with one little (pun intended) exception: their small dog.  He would, errrr, probably enjoy playing with him a little too much.  Hey, it’s ok to have one little flaw when you’re as good looking as he is, right?!  Eddie is also learning plenty of commands and recently discovered the joys of a flirt pole (though my friend says a tougher toy is in order.)

Sleeping Pit Bull

In addition to being well behaved, sweet, and incredibly good looking, Eddie is also fully vetted, including being neutered.  My friend is fostering him completely on her own, without the financial or networking help of a rescue.  She will happily keep him until the perfect home comes along, but since she has to shuffle Eddie and the little dog around, we are hoping that will be sooner than later.  If you happen to know of anyone in the market for a super handsome stud like Eddie, please let me know!  (Or click the ever popular share button to help increase his exposure, wink wink.)

Handsome Pit Bull

What a stud!

Last, but never least, I have to put in yet another little plug for my Maggie Moo.  Have you voted for her yet?  Pretty please take a second and visit Your Pit Bull and You’s Facebook page and do so!  We appreciate it more than you’ll ever know!

Handsome Dog

5 thoughts on “Handsome Eddie

    • Right? And the pictures totally don’t even do him justice. He’s HUGE…you just can’t really tell in the pictures. I seriously just need to buy a farm or something.


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