A Contest?!

Oh boy, we are sooo very excited here at the THPL house.  Maggie got selected to be in a calendar contest!  It would mean so very much to us if she won and thousands of people got to see her beautiful face and read her story.  To win the contest, your dog has to get the most “likes” on their picture…and this is where our super awesome, wonderful, fantabulous readers come in.  Can you take a second and vote for the star of this blog?  We would appreciate it more than you’ll ever know!

pit bull photo contestAbove is the picture we submitted (along with quite a few others) that they chose to be in the contest.  To vote, you simply go to the Your Pit Bull and You‘s Facebook page, go the the album entitled 2014 Calendar Contest, find the picture above, and “like” it!  Or you can click here and it should take you directly to her picture.

A little about Your Pit Bull and You:  they are a page that I stumbled across many months back and am absolutely in love with.  They are all about positive training, and not using out dated scare tactics to train your dog.  They are always posting training tips and suggestions, as well as just generally being excellent ambassadors of the breed…oh!  And they always have cute pictures up 🙂  Thank you in advance to anyone that takes the time to vote for my girl.  And a super, extra, gigantic thank you to anyone that votes and shares so she has an even better chance!  Happy Friday!

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