Babies Having Babies.

I have been an exceptionally bad blogger lately.  I don’t have much of an excuse, except that life has just been busy and I’ve sadly not had nearly as much time to dedicate to rescue efforts as I’d like, and therefore not a whole lot to talk about.  I do have two little updates on things I’ve previously talked about that I thought I would share.

First, I mentioned a while back that I’ve been trying to spend time applying for grants and things of that nature for Last Hope Rescue.  Well, turns out, we won one!  I wish it was a grant for like $10,000 or something, but sadly it’s not.  It was for these cool dog beds that the rescue will definitely appreciate though, so it’s something.  It also encouraged me to continue spending time applying for more in hopes that I actually get us a “big one”.


Second, and even more exciting, I was able to help find a rescue to take the puppies that I  talked about here as well as help get a pregnant dog to safety.  My friend, the president of Last Hope Rescue, knew of a rescue down south that would be able to take the puppies.  There was also a very pregnant little dog that she had been asked to help and the rescue agreed to take her as well.  It meant we both had to be up at 4 am but we were able to coordinate it so that we met in between Tallahassee and Jacksonville and I picked up the dog and took her to meet my friend that was driving the puppies down south back in Jacksonville before she left town.


While we were at the gas station exchanging the pregnant dog, I noticed how young she was.  “She’s just a baby havin’ babies!” I said, and we joked that we should start a “16 and  Pregnant” show all about dogs.  I often crack jokes at inappropriate times and that’s exactly what I was doing here.  Really, it’s not funny at all.  I wish I had something deep and meaningful to say here, but it’s just pretty damn depressing.  Here was this super sweet little dog, likely less than a year old herself, pregnant, covered in fleas and sores, and she had landed at a shelter.  Babies having babies.  Thankfully, we were able to save her and she will have a great life, but how many aren’t we able to save?  When in the world will we break this cycle?  Guess I better keep applying for those grants, huh?

10 thoughts on “Babies Having Babies.

  1. You are a hero! That mama dog is heartbreakingly adorable. Looks like she maybe has some corgi in her? I have a soft spot for mama dogs, as my pup was one when she entered rescue. The puppies usually get adopted before their mothers, but I always want to take home the mamas ❤

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