Here’s To Rich

Today is a big day here in the THPL house.  Our main man, the best dog dog around, and greatest hubby alive finally takes the bar exam after loooooong months of preparation.  I am beyond proud of him and thought I should take a moment to sing his praises and send some good vibes out into the universe (feel free to think happy thoughts for him, too!)


Rich is the ying to my yang, the warm hug to my cold feet, the prevailing cool to my permanently hot head, the sensibility to my absurdity, the perpetual voice of reason when I come up with cockamamie ideas, my favorite hello, and my hardest goodbye.  I love him like a fat kid loves cake.

IMG_3064 When we started dating, Rich won’t admit it, but he had to have been thrown for a loop.  His quiet little family had had one small dog when he was younger and that was it.  Here I came with two big lugs that I insisted on involving in everything.  We only hung out at my house so I could be with them and weekend plans were dictated around their schedule.  I just generally made it clear that they were more of a priority than he was.  Pretty nice, huh?    Well lucky for me, he not only stuck around, but he embraced the “crazy dog lady” culture and made the dogs a priority for him, too.


Rich is so supported of me being involved in rescue.  He was excited when I started fostering, and always said ‘yes’ when I insisted on bringing a 4th dog home like here or here.  He doesn’t get upset when I leave for a whole day just to drive dogs around or feel slighted when I spend a holiday at the shelter.  In fact, on his own he decided to spend all of his required pro bono hours working on anti-BSL issues and he also is the brains behind my legal posts like this.  He’s a bookworm but obliges when I want to spend a day hiking, just because he knows it will make me and the dogs happy.  Basically, he’s just the best!

FUR 006 edit-(ZF-1860-91697-1-001)

Good luck today, Rich (even though we all know you don’t need it!)  Make that bar your b*tch.  We love you!

12 thoughts on “Here’s To Rich

  1. I don’t know RIch very well, but all I really need to know about him is how much Maggie loves him (and how much he loves her). Oh, and of course, he makes YOU happy. 😉

    When I brought my future husband home my childhood dog was alive (a cocker spaniel, a truly terrible tyrant of a dog). The dog actually liked Nathaniel! So he was pretty much IN since Tanzer ran the whole family.

    Good luck, Rich!

  2. There could be no one more suited to you Morgan Lee than your Rich, he is the perfect one for you. Rich I am very confident you will become the lawyer you so want to be. So many thoughts of you all day long today!

  3. This really made me smile! (I am so behind on posts, ugh! Sorry about that.) There is nothing like finding your biggest supporter in life. It makes me happy that you have your soul mate to stand beside you in all you do! We are lucky ladies.


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