(almost) Wordless Wednesday

If you follow Temporary Home, Permanent Love on Facebook then you probably have an idea what today’s post will look like:

Tug of War

Flirt Pole

Flirt Pole

Obedience Training

Looks like someone decided maybe the flirt pole is fun after all!  Oh, and check this out:

German Shepard

Yup!  That’s the neighbor’s dog that I have been so concerned about!  One last shameless Facebook plug: if you followed THPL you would already know that he got to come hang out in my house, in the AC with a big bowl of fresh water, for a few hours.  Seriously, follow me, there’s lots of good stuff other than just blog posts!  Okay, I’m done begging now.  But really, pretty cool that I managed to talk the neighbor into letting me help out, right?  It doesn’t solve the problem, but it at least gives the dog a little reprieve from the heat.  Alright, Happy Humpday Everyone!

10 thoughts on “(almost) Wordless Wednesday

    • Oh man, I LOVE that you called her “the Moo”! No one else does, yet it’s totally the most fitting name for her. And yes, she seems to be liking it more and more. Aaaand, thank you! I think it was the least I could do though.

      • Haha – too funny on the name! We are really big in adding “The” to the nicknames of the pooches – The Monster, The Boo, etc. The Moo seems fitting for Maggie too!!

    • You got it! SO easy and SO cheap to make. I do recommend getting a strong toy though – a few extra dollars will likely keep it “alive” a lot longer.

    • Surprisingly the young man that actually owns the dog is very friendly and open to suggestion – it’s the parents that are stubborn. I got a chance to talk to them the other day and did by best to reason with them but they just weren’t having it.


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