Flirt Pole Reaction via Maggie

Hi dere everybodies!  It has been a most long time since ma let me talks to you all and I bet you has missed me, right?  Well I wanted to tell you about whats momma made for me and my minions brother and sister last night.  A Flirt Pole!  Don’t ask me (or mom for that matter) why they calls it a flirt pole, because flirting is gross.  Mom says she thinks she read about it first over at Pitlandia but then she said when she checked their site, she remembers reading it at Erie-sisti-Bull too, so now she is all confused (typical, I know.)  Either way, she thought it was a great idea, and nows that we has a nice big yard, she said it was time to give it a whirl!


Yesterday she kept making me practice things like “sit” and “stay” and “leave it”.  I was like, “I’ll do it lady, but only for treats.”  Works every time.  After we did thats for awhile we went out back and there was this big, long, white thing!  I was like, “What the heck?” and didn’t wants to get near it.  But then mom did something magical!  She made me sit and then she twirled the white pole around and said, “Get it!”  Oh boy.  It was fun!  I was running and running and jumping and I even caught the little furball at the end!  When mom said “leave it!” I did buts it was hard not to just run right at it again for more tugging!  We played for about 10 minutes and boy was I tired!


This morning, mom wanted to get pictures of me and the flirt pole for the bloggy so she asked dad to play with me.  I did not likes it so much today and chose to stare at it more than play with it.  I knows dad would never hurts me, but I just don’t like when boys has big things in their hands!  It reminds me of The Bad Place before mom gots me.  She says we are going to go out alone later and tries it again.


I guess I needs to play with it one or two more times before I make my final decision on ifs I likes it or not.  Buddy and Tag played with it a little but they are such lazy butts older dogs that they don’t plays as much as I do.  I thinks they liked it though, even it was only for a few minutes.  Mom says she wants to talks to you all for a few minutes now, so I has to say “Goodbye!” but don’ts you worry, I will be back soon.  I promise!


I know, I know, I put a similar picture already on Facebook but I just couldn’t resist sharing another. Are those not the prettiest eyes ever?!

I just wanted to share with everyone that the flirt pole is not for every dog, and it’s okay if your dog falls into the Not-Loving-The-Flirt-Pole category.  We won’t judge you!  Promise.  If your dog does not have a handle on basic commands like “sit”, “stay”, and “leave it” then I suggest practicing those first!  The flirt pole is certainly meant to be a fun way to quickly tire out your dog, but it is also meant to be a tool for practicing commands and bonding with your dog.  Also, I wouldn’t recommend using a flirt pole with a dog you don’t know.  For about 2 minutes straight Maggie got completely absorbed with trying to “kill” the stuffed toy and wasn’t listening to me at all.  There is a possibility that this game could excite dogs to the point of  them becoming aggressive/reactive which is why I suggest you know the dog and have a good idea of how he will react before engaging them in the flirt pole action.  I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but just felt it was important to throw out that little warning.  Plus, some dogs just really aren’t interested in running around in circles like a giant cat.  Crazy, I know.

Have you used a Flirt Pole before?  What did your dog(s) think of it?  Did you make them practice commands while playing or did you let them go all willy-nilly?  I’d love to hear about your experiences!  Oh, and if you’ve never used a Flirt Pole and want to make one, it’s super duper cheap and easy.  Email me for directions or check out either of the blogs I mentioned earlier!

5 thoughts on “Flirt Pole Reaction via Maggie

  1. We have been wanting to try the flirt pole, and we think it’s great that you made your own! I will definitely be taking your advice some time soon. My only question is, do you worry about your pups hurting their backs, legs, or joints when playing with this toy and jumping in the area? Tonka can get very agile and his advancing age worries me when it comes to things like this!

    • I honestly think the dogs will be worn out long before they jump enough to hurt themselves. You know your dogs best though! With mine we mostly kept it low to the ground so it was a lot of running and very little jumping (though with Maggie I definitely did get her jumping pretty high a few times.) That’s the nice thing: you can tailor the activity level to each individual dog! If you’re worried about Tonka you could start slow and gage how much to speed it up and add in jumps based on how he is acting! I can’t wait to hear what your crew thinks!

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