A Girl, Her Dog, and Life After Rape.

Let me start at the beginning:

 My long time readers know that I used to frequently volunteer at a tiny shelter just south of Tallahassee.  I was there one Saturday with a fellow Last Hope Rescue board member and we were taking pictures of the new dogs so that we could post them to the various social media outlets and hopefully get them adopted.  We both instantly fell in love with this uuuber adorable little pittie/dalmation/am. bulldog looking mix.  Seriously.  We were plotting how one of us could bring him home and not have our significant others walk out on us (I have 3 dogs, she has 5!)


While we were there a shelter worker told us that there was actually a girl already interested in him.  Excellent!  We learned that this girl had recently been raped and, rightfully so, was traumatized and suffering from depression.  She didn’t want to leave her house, she didn’t want to get out of bed; she was scared.  Her mom decided getting a dog would help pull her out of her depression but they had looked at a few already and she didn’t feel anything for any of them.  Then she met this hunk.  It was love at first sight and she was dead set on getting him.  At this point I had never met her, but my heart went out to her nonetheless.


Being the small world that it is, she called my office just a few days later, and asked if we accepted American Bulldogs.  “Yes!”  I can’t remember for certain but I think she was standing at my desk within the hour.  I took her on a tour and she started talking about this dog she wanted to adopt because something bad had happened to her.  I quickly put two and two together and realized she was the girl interested in adopting the dog that I had fallen so in love with at the shelter!


This girl hadn’t even officially adopted the dog yet, and she was already breaking her lease at one apartment, just to move to another so that she could legally have him.  I liked her already.  She gushed on and on about how awesome he was and how she already loved him and would do anything for him.  In fact, she already had a name picked out:  Ryker.  Yea, I like this girl a lot.


Needless to say, the adoption went through, and I became friends with this sweet, hilarious girl.  I didn’t know her before the rape, but I know her and Ryker now.  They are inseparable.  The pair frequently attended pack walks and are regulars with UnSaidYetUnderstood at the dog park.  In fact, Ryker and Circus are best friends (not to mention probably the two best looking dogs I have ever known!)  Their bond is so deep in fact that she went to great measures to make sure that when she gets ready to move later this summer, there are no issues.  Ryker was DNA tested, the results of which are hilarious, and I will let her share for herself on her blog one day.  She also got Ryker certified as a Therapy Dog so that he is protected if they move somewhere that doesn’t allow “pits.”

Ryker and Circus

So, why am I sharing my friend’s personal story?  Because she is speaking up.  She is telling her story.  She is the voice of so many girls that aren’t strong enough to speak up.  And you know what else?  I think she has Ryker to thank.  Of course I think she is strong, beautiful, funny (she picture below) and would have gotten to this point on her own one day, but I think Ryker sped up the process.  I think their relationship is the epitome of love and understanding.  She saved him from the shelter and now he is saving her.


I admit that I’m a sucker for a good pit bull story, especially when I personally know the dog involved and can attest to his greatness, but if ever there was a blog worth reading, this is it.  Pit lover, even dog lover, or not.  Check out their story and see what she has to say.  She talks about the rape, depression, and most of all her amazing pit bull mix that means the world to her.  Go.  Now!


19 thoughts on “A Girl, Her Dog, and Life After Rape.

  1. I’m a firm believer our rescues actually rescue us right back. I’ve just read a couple of her posts and am now following her. Love the name of her blog! Have a great weekend… and belated congratulations on making things official: in your white dress and with Maggie 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I have always known how strong and special that little lady is, and I know she is beautiful inside and out. I thank God every day for Ryker. I knew it the moment she first hugged him, it was a special bond. I believe angels exist – sometimes instead of wings, they have four paws.

  3. I told her that I am going to do a blog post for her as well, I think that it is so important for her blog to get out. She is such a good writer and it will teach people how to empathize and spread awareness. Good job ma’am, I don’t think I ever learned the story of how you two met! (And if Cir and Ryker were the same age, I’d swear that they are blood brothers.) Miss you!

  4. Wow! Great story. From personal experience, I can say that dogs can get us to do things and overcome obstacles that for many of us, scarred by life, loved ones, circumstances, etc., seem impossible. Dogs have the amazing ability to help us heal and so for me they are furry angels with a mission to make us better human beings:)

  5. Oh wow, I read this earlier today while I was on the road and had to make sure and come back to comment. What an awesome story! I hope the girl and her furbaby are very happy and that the girl is healing from her trauma.

  6. What a wonderful story. I’m so glad she found a way to find comfort after her rape. I’m heading over to her blog now 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow. It’s amazing what animals can do and how the human-animal bond can take something from horrific to inspiring. From ugly to lovely. I wish Ryker and her beautiful steps forward.

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  9. I loved this. Thank you for sharing it. She is a brave, brave woman. If you get a chance you might check my blog. Mine is a story of mental illness and redemption by Pit Bull. It has taken me 15 years to start telling it. We hide things we think we should be ashamed of. There is no shame. Like you have, we need to share more. It is a win for everyone involved!


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