Friday Funday

After we moved to Jacksonville I didn’t expect to start working for at least a month or two.  Obviously this would mean the dogs would get to have tons of fun adventures while I enjoyed the freedom of not having a job for the first time since I was 14.  Sounds nice, huh?  Well, within a week of moving I came across a job that was too perfect for reaching my dream to pass up and started working immediately.

IMG_3313Now I don’t get off work until 7pm (this is quite an adjustment since normally I have dinner prepared, eaten, and cleaned up by then!) and that doesn’t leave too much time for adventuring.


This looks like a pouty face, but I kid you not, she LOVES to jump up into Rich’s arms and have him swing her around.  Silly girl!

As you can see, we make the most of our free time, but I’m a little sad that I won’t be able to give the dogs a summer of beaching, hiking, and all around crazy fun times.

IMG_3315I’m curious, how often do you guys take your pups on adventures?  What constitutes an adventure in your house?  While I wait for your responses, I’m going to take full advantage of having a Friday off, and take my crew to the beach!


“Geez mom! Put the computer down and let’s go already!”

16 thoughts on “Friday Funday

  1. Wow…that picture of Rich holding Maggie up and kissing her head — priceless. What a great shot, Mrs. Rivera. Congrats on your new job, and here’s to many, many happy adventures in between the work.

  2. Congrats on finding a job you like! We usually adventure daily or every other day in the summer. I had last summer off from work and worked nights the summer before so it worked out well. This summer, between my husband finishes grad school, trying to relocate, training class, finding dogs, and massive amounts of rain, it’s been more like once a month and Gambit is bored.

    • Oh my! You guys certainly have a lot going on too! I hope at the very least the weather eases up some and Gambit doesn’t have to be quite so bored!

      • It’s starting to, but now our favorite beach is flooded out! Our lake is part of a chain of reservoirs. For the last year we’ve been hoping they’d let water into ours, and now that they have it’s rained so much it’s over full and we’re hoping they will let some out soon.

  3. Have lots of fun and take picture for us. We have been so. crazy. busy. The poor pooches haven’t gotten an adventure for awhile. Hopefully tonight we can squeeze in a mini-adventure before it gets too dark!

  4. First, congrats on the new job, that’s awesome. And second, our adventures vary depending on time of year, weather, how the dogs are feeling (they aren’t spring chickens anymore) and what is available to us. This morning it was a walk down by the river and tomorrow will probably be similar just at a different part of the river. We have to provide some new sniffs every now and then!

  5. Congrats on the new job!

    Our adventures depend on time of year, weather, and the individual dog. For elderbull Mr B something as simple as a short walk is a great adventure. He and Teddy have the type of personality that allows them to be taken anywhere: stores, restaurants, dog park, etc. I have special yard-only toys that are rotated for outside fun. The spouse & I often do overnight motorcycle trips in the summer & fall so even just staying home with the kids in charge is an adventure for the dogs 🙂

    • Oh my! I can’t even imagine the shenanigans they must all get in to when left alone 🙂 My problem is that I feel guilty taking one dog and leaving the others so I limit myself (and thus the dogs) on the adventures we have. Maybe that should be a goal: start having more individual adventures!

  6. That’s awesome about your new job! We go on daily adventures either hiking, to the beach or the park for at least an hour, sometimes 2. I am lucky enough to work from home and live somewhere that has nice weather year round so we fully take advantage of that! I’m not going to lie though, a couple times a month, we have a boring day and just hang at home:) I hope you enjoyed your Friday!

    • Ok, I am seriously green with envy! I kind of thought this might be the case, since you always have THE best pictures, but geez, talk about a dream!

  7. I’m really glad you got such a great job! Even though it means less adventure time 😦

    Before I hurt my knees, mom would take me on adventures everyday. We would hiking or on pack walks or to see the ocean or to some busy shopping places with lots of things to look at and smell! Now I have to rest, so no big adventures, but mom still takes me to some cool places where I can hang out on my mat and watch the world go by. And my new physical therapies are a brand new adventure twice every week!


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