Awards, Puppies, and Weddings.

What do they all have in common?  They are totally in season!


I got nominated twice in the last few days for the Blogger Family Award.  I was getting ready to start a post about it and, while looking back through old comments and stuff, realized that I have actually been nominated for a few lately….and totally ignored them.  Wow.  I’m a bit of an arse, aren’t I?  I swear, I missed them by accident and I am so sorry that I didn’t collect!  It is so flattering, and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside every time it happens, so thank you to those of you that nominated me!!!  Rather than pick and choose which ones I “collect”, I’m not going to do any of them.  That, err, makes sense, right?  Seems better than leaving someone out.

MiaNoticing the cute puppies throughout this post?  If you have ever spent any time volunteering in a shelter or with a rescue, you know that this is the dreaded time of year: Puppy Season.  Yes, puppies are dreaded.  Why?  Because they are dropped off faster than you can say, “spayandneuter!”

PaisleyEveryone is left scrambling to secure a safe spot for them outside of the shelter.  Even though it’s super heartwarming to see how hard everyone works to save them, it makes you want to scream and shout and cry because the solution to this problem is so simple: spay and neuter and never get here in the first place.  There is no good reason for this problem to even exist; we have the tools to prevent it: education, low cost clinics, and vouchers, just to name a few.  But for now, I digress.

OnyxAnd last but not least, it’s wedding season!  My own wedding is the reason my blog is barely in existence this days.  But now that it’s over, we’ve moved, are getting settled into our new house, and I’ve landed a job, I should be able to get back to the important things in life, like volunteering and blogging!  I’ll leave you with a couple of my favorite pictures from the wedding:



Ok, I promise no more wedding talk.  That’s not why you’re here!  If any of the puppies shown here catch your eye, please comment or shoot me an email!

22 thoughts on “Awards, Puppies, and Weddings.

    • Thank you! I actually wasn’t even planning to wear a real wedding dress (if you can’t tell, it was a suuuper small wedding) but when I saw this one I love it so much, I had to get it!

  1. Your wedding is beautiful 😉 I agree though, this time of year is the worst in shelters! Ugh! Full kennels but lots of promos running at our shelter so hopefully we’ll get through it again and next year will be a little less, baby steps, right?

    • Hey, baby steps are a lot better than no steps! Just today I had a conversation with someone (at a bank of all places) that is against spaying and neutering?! I think I may have actually gotten through to her though, at least I hope so. One person at a time, that’s my mantra!

      • To be fair, my female GSD is not spayed (she has a recessed vulva so the vet was hoping that going through a heat would self-correct). She has been through two heats and no fixed vulva 😦 So…spay time it is for her, that being said, she hasn’t had a litter of puppies (imagine that). When she’s in heat we’re VERY careful with her, making sure to walk her at times when there are no other dogs around, and we actually walk her with two leashes (just in case). Our male is neutered so…no worries there, lol. There are some recent studies on medical benefits to waiting to spay/neuter but if medical reasons are your reason, you need to be extra careful. I really wish too that there were more affordable options for tubal ligations and vasectomies, but that’s a different can of worms 🙂

  2. Lovely wedding! Every time our shelter posts pregnant mamas or mamas with litter on facebook because they need to find a foster or rescue, there are so many comments about how it is cruel/evil/inhumane to euth PUPPIES (but no big deal on the adults PTS??) . It makes me want to scream at people, this is because you buy dogs on Craigslist, don’t fix your dogs, don’t do everything in your power to find dog-friendly housing when you move, don’t attempt to train your dogs (even a vet or vet tech/assistant will be willing to discuss basic training if they think it will keep a dog in a home), etc. The shelter has low-cost spay/neuter, vouchers that go as low as $10, and it is much cheaper to get a vaccinated, fixed, microchip from the shelter than have the vetting done on a “free” dog (Crossroads does a lot of vet work for the shelter and even offered a free exam and heartworm/flea preventative sample for newly adopted shelter dogs for a while). They advertise these programs online and at vets’ offices but still tons of unaltered dogs running around. Sorry, end rant.

    • Rant away my friend, these are the exact same things that absolutely infuriate me! Just today (while at a bank of all places) a woman informed me she was again spaying and neutering “because it’s mean to hurt them and then there would be no more dogs in the world”?!?!? It was extremely hard for me to keep my cool but I think I actually might have gotten through to her. I could probably rant an entire novel’s worth on these issues but I suppose the best thing we can do is to try our hardest to politely make an impression on the types of people you were talking about as well as the ones that we run into. But really, wouldn’t it just be nice if we could slap them upside the head?

      • Oof. Education is key but still doesn’t always get through. My husband wants a purebred Dobie someday – but we’ve agreed rescue only. I’ve maintained that IF the dog overpopulation problem ever went away 100%, that’s when we could search for a reputable breeder who breeds after homes are lined up, does genetic testing, dogs have great temperaments and health, doesn’t over-breed, works to eliminate the breed’s health problems, doesn’t crop/dock/remove dewclaws, etc.

  3. Oh what wonderful wedding photos! You look very beautiful and mom loves your bouquet!

    I hope those sweet puppies will find good families! Mom knows how hard puppy season is, although we get a much rougher kitten season out here. Oh so many kittens…

  4. Congratulations on your wedding! You look beautiful in your photos! And don’t feel bad about not blogging as much. Life happens! Without it, we would have nothing to blog about 🙂

    I 100% agree with you on spaying and neutering. I try my best to inform others and restrain myself from slapping them upside the head! If we all help inform the uniformed, maybe it will make a difference one day. 🙂

    P.S. I totally just bought a spay & neuter magnet for the back of my car as well as a rescue ribbon and an adopt…don’t shop magnet. I love them all!


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