Maggie has been ADOPTED:

FUR 006 edit-(ZF-1860-91697-1-001)Our more astute readers probably picked  up on my oooh-sooo subtle clues that the family was in fact mine: the experience with pitties, the willingness to continue working on obedience training, the two dogs, and as of two days ago when we moved into our new house, the big backyard.

FUR 007-(ZF-1860-91697-1-002)To be completely honest, I never ever wanted a third dog.  My two are so easy and wonderful that I wanted the third-dog-slot to be permanently reserved for foster dogs.  And if I was going to pick a third dog, it most certainly would not be a little 40 lb. one.  But what Maggie lacks in size, she certainly makes up for in personality.

FUR 035-(ZF-1860-91697-1-007) With us moving from Tallahassee to Jacksonville, and no other foster home available, Maggie would have been placed in boarding until she was either adopted or another foster home became available.  My long term readers know that Maggie went almost an entire year before the first person expressed interest in adopting her–and they weren’t even approved.  How could I, in good conscience, allow her to be sent to a boarding facility for what likely would be a very long time, when she had a perfectly good home already, right here with us?  After all, my responsibility as a foster mom is first and foremost to do what is best for my foster dog; my personal wants are secondary.  Don’t misunderstand me, we all love Maggie dearly and she really is part of our family, I am just a little sad because with this adoption I think my fostering efforts will be halted, at least for now.

FUR 039 edit-(ZF-1860-91697-1-008)

So, we made the decision that Maggie would stay with us forever.  We moved the day we got back from the honeymoon from a little apartment into a home that is nearly triple the size and, to all of our relief, a nice big fenced in back yard.  I’d say Maggie is a true rags to riches story.  She is home, permanently.

19 thoughts on “It’s OFFICIAL!

  1. Oh my goodness I had no idea, based on your other post! I found your blog a few days ago and have been catching up. You are incredible and Maggie is soooo lucky! Do you think you will continue fostering now that you’ve got three permanents? I have to say, all the pics of you and Maggie, I thought – I don’t know how this girl is going to give this dog up. Their relationship and bond is so strong its almost tangible.

    I have a question for you I wanted to discuss, re: fostering, hurting hearts, etc. (it’s long and personal, or else I would post it here). I’m assuming you have my email address since I had to put it in to post – is that true? Would you be willing to email me? Thank you so, so much. Jane

  2. Sorry, I just read what you said about your fostering being halted for now. Maybe you could just do short term fosters, or small dogs? 😉 Or kittens if you like them and the dogs do – it’s kitten season, after all! 😦

  3. Congrats, lady, on all the different wonderful new amazing things in your life. Hope to hear more about all your adventures, not just the doggie ones. Big hugs and kisses to your whole family. Thanks for the incredible work you’ve done so far — I have no doubt that you’ll find a way to keep doing wonderful things for rescue dogs, one way or another.


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