Big, BIG News!

I am super excited to announce that we may have finally found the perfect family to adopt Maggie Moo!  I can’t believe, after just over a year in my home, she may finally be getting her permanent, furever family!


They have already filled out and turned in their application for her.  I have to admit, they sound perfect.  Stellar vet records, experience with “bully” breeds, a willingness to continue working on Maggie’s obedience training, a large fenced in yard, AND they have two dogs already so Maggie would still get to be in a “pack” which I know is so important for her and she loves so much.  Sounds like the perfect match for our girl, huh?


You might remember how tough it was for me last time I thought there was a family interested in Maggie, if not, read about it here (warning, I’ve been told it was a wee bit of a tear jerker.)  After going through the whole sadness thing, I really did get myself excited, and then was hugely let down after doing the meet-n-greet with the prospective family.  Well, I have to say, I don’t feel any of that fear or apprehension this time around.  Instead, I am just excited for Maggie–after all her happiness really is my number one concern and I think this family can offer her all the happiness in the world.


So, tomorrow is the wedding and then we leave bright and early Sunday morning for the honeymoon.  We’ve decided to go ahead and board Maggie as planned because, let’s be honest, there is no way I would enjoy myself on the honeymoon if I was stressing about how Maggie is doing.  We get back on Friday night and the movers arrive early Saturday to take us to Jacksonville so we’ve told the family they need to have a firm decision made before Saturday.  No wishy-washy, unsure, waiting-days-to-tell-us-their-decision allowed here!


14 thoughts on “Big, BIG News!

  1. Wow! It just seemed like yesterday when you were telling me at the Pittie Party you have four more weeks to go! But well done with Maggie and SUPER congrats! Have a beautiful wedding 🙂

  2. Do their first names start with M & R, and they are newly weds, and their last names start with R, and they are moving soon, like as soon as they get back from a vacation??? that better be the answer otherwise I will be personally offended that I haven’t heard about this sooner! have a wonderful wedding day, and an amazing honeymoon!! ❤ xoxoxo

  3. That is wonderful Morgan! Congrats on the wedding too. Tallahassee is going to miss you and all you do for the shelters and rescues but I’m sure you will do good things in Jacksonville!

  4. Congratulations on so many fronts. I trust that the wedding will be the most glorious start to the happiest days of your lives. I also hope that the new prospective parents for Maggie will prove to be wonderful and that the transition will be easy. Looking forward to hearing all your news on your return.

  5. Oh my gosh, that is big news!!! I hope this will be a perfect furrever family for Maggie! And I think it’s definitely a good sign that you don’t feel nervous about this family.

    I hope you are having a very wonderful wedding and that you have a great honeymoon and that there will be good news for you and Maggie when you come home 🙂

  6. Congratulations on the wedding…and the impending adoption.;) I can’t wait to hear about your Jacksonville adventures!


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