“S” is for…

Summer, sand, and SUN:

IMG_2924The elements necessary for a happy Morgan, and happy dogs.

IMG_2929Yesterday Maggie and I spent the day at a lake soaking up as much sun, and as you can tell by the pictures, sand, with some of our best friends; human and non human alike.

IMG_2912IMG_2922IMG_2928Tomorrow Rich and I are packing a backpack with water, snacks, and my camera and heading out with our three mutts for a day of hiking.  And the next day?  Probably the beach.  Gotta spoils the pups as much as we can before we leave for a week on the honeymoon!  What elements bring you and your dog the most joy?

4 thoughts on ““S” is for…

  1. Love the photos! Since our pups are getting older what we do to show them a good time has changed a bit, we like to give them car rides to special places where they can walk (but not too far) and catch some new sniffs. And, if we can take them swimming.


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