There’s always room for Hope.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s of the 2, 3, and 4 legged variety.  Today I am especially thankful for one particular mom, and she isn’t even mine.  She’s the newest foster mom to Last Hope Rescue and she came just in the nick of time.


On Monday, Last Hope Rescue was contacted about the pretty girl pictured above.  A Good Samaritan found her on the outskirts of town and, already owning 5 rescues of her own, knew she wouldn’t be able to keep her.  She also knew the dog, a pit bull who had obvious medical problems, wouldn’t last more than a day or two in a shelter already bursting at the seams.  Despite that she also recognized an incredibly sweet dog, desperate for love and affection, wanting so badly to please, that deserved a chance to have a family of her own.


The Good Samaritan took her to the vet where they learned she suffers from a prolapsed rectum and is high heartworm positive.  A grim prognosis.  Last Hope Rescue didn’t want to see this girl go to a shelter either and put out a plea for a foster.  Thankfully, her new foster mom stepped up right before the Good Samaritan had to take her to the shelter.  Plans were made and the dog was named: Hope.


The Good Samaritan and Hope.

Yesterday I got to go pick Hope up and take her to her new foster home–after I spent some time playing with her first.  She is sweet as sweet can be and wants desperately to please you.  If I wasn’t afraid Rich would call off the wedding, I would probably have taken her home with me right then and there.  Hope got along great with all 5 of the Good Samaritan’s dogs and I envisioned her and Maggie, both higher energy than my two old dogs, becoming instant friends.


Hope, full of kisses and cuddles.

The foster family was absolutely delightful and very excited to be getting her.  The mom couldn’t stop saying, “Look at that face!  She is sooo cute!”  Yea, there’s no way around that, she is a doll.  For quite possibly the first time in her life Hope got her very own toys and was smothered with love and affection.

IMG_2887Even though Hope is safe and sound in a foster home, she still has a long way to go.  She is high heartworm positive; the treatment will be long and hard on her (not to mention expensive.)  Hope also suffers from a prolapsed rectum which is quite painful and will require immediate surgery.  Her spirits are high but she will need all the positive thoughts and prayers she can get.

IMG_2903If you would like to donate to the fund for Hope’s treatment, please go here.  We aren’t able to take in and save dogs like Hope without the support of generous souls.  Even $5 would be greatly appreciated!

4 thoughts on “There’s always room for Hope.

  1. I fell madly in love with Hope when I saw her picture. Only fear of divorce kept me from trying to foster her. SO HAPPY that Last Hope found a foster for her. Yay! I donated to her fund very gladly. Thanks again for all the work you and LHR do, Morgan!

    • Too funny that you said you fell in love with her! I thought of you and your girls right when I met her. She is like a really hyper cross between Lola and Yage. So sweet, so wants to please, so cuddly, so wonderful! Thanks for donating! And all I did was give her a ride and love on her, no thanks needed for me.


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