For the Love of Dog

If you’ve been following my blog for long you might remember the The Butterfly Effect post from back in December.  I talked about how one person’s actions can touch so, so many people.  Today was the last day at my job of the past five years.  Aside from Buddy, this job was the most consistent thing in my life since I was about 16, and I spent the day thinking about what a “butterfly effect” the job has had on my life.


  Sure, I have learned a whole heck of a lot about real estate and managing large properties, but it’s the people that this job has allowed me to meet that has made the biggest impact on my life.  I met Rich, my very soon-to-be husband, through this job.  Of almost equal importance, I met my friend Kayla, “The Catalyst.”  In addition to being a great person and hilarious friend, she is the one that told me about Last Hope Rescue, which I started fostering through, and then became a board member of.

Kayla and Mariah

Kayla on the far left and Mariah on the far right.

Through Last Hope Rescue, I have met countless (seriously, I don’t even want to try to list them for fear that I would forget someone) people that, without a doubt, are some of the best people I have ever been lucky enough to know and call friends.  These are the types of people you read stories about and go, “Whoa, I’d like to be friends with them!”  Yea, I get to actually call them my friends.  They have bigger hearts, and more giving souls, than anyone I have ever met in a church.  The president, Angela, has taught me more than I would like to know about running a rescue all while becoming a great friend.  And I can honestly say that I have learned something from each and every person I have met through Last Hope Rescue.


Ohhhhh, Mariah.

Through work I also met two other girls that have become a couple of my very best friends.  Mariah started working here and after quickly realizing that her love of animals (and scary movies/books and health food) rivaled even mine, I started pestering her to foster.  It took some convincing but after she committed, she never looked back, and her home has seen a lot of dogs pass through it on their way from hell (aka the shelter) to their forever homes.  We all joke that she is the “magical foster” because she has a knack for getting dogs not only adopted quickly but, more importantly, into perfect homes.  I also pestered her to start a blog, which if you haven’t already, you should totally check out here.  (Apparently sentimental was the theme of the day…)  I don’t really believe in soul mates, but if I did, Mariah would probably be mine.  I love her dearly and know that we will always stay close regardless of the miles between us.

Mariah and Chelsea

Me, Mariah, and Chelsea “modeling” for the Pin Ups For Pound Pups calendar.

And then there is my friend Chelsea.  She is a resident of one of the properties that I managed and when she moved in she listed her dog as a “Doberman” mix.  I ran out the door after her and told her to change the breed “because those are considered dangerous.”  (There’s that damn BSL!  Don’t even get me started on this–it’s probably the thing I disliked the most about my job.)  We started chatting and I told her about Last Hope Rescue.  Not long after that she started volunteering at the Wakulla County Animal Control after seeing repeated posts from Last Hope on FB begging for help for them.  Then we got together and started a FB page just for WCAC.  You might remember posts like this, or this, or this where I shared stories about some amazing successes.  Chelsea is probably the most impressive person I have ever met.  It’s hard to find words to describe her but let’s just say her inner beauty is even greater than her outer, which is really hard to fathom because she should probably be modeling rather than going to Law School (yea, brains and beauty–it’s just not fair!)  Her dream job is going to take her away from Florida but it’s ok because just like Mariah I love her dearly and know we will always stay close, no matter the miles between us.


This is what animal rescue looks like: Friends, tied together for the love of dog.

Each of these girls have gone on to get other people involved and it really has been a butterfly effect in our little community.  We may not be changing the whole world, but for one dog at a time, we are changing their world.  Every single one of them (again, waaay too many to list) have touched my heart and changed me in some way forever.  I will take them with me everywhere I go.  And I know this isn’t the end because we will all continue working together to save lives.  Now it’s time for me to tackle a new city.

3 thoughts on “For the Love of Dog

  1. A woman can only handle so much! Why do you have to say such sweet things?! I am going to squeeze you so hard that you choke before you leave. I can’t imagine what I would be without you, you have made such a strong impact on my life. I genuinely believe God knew what he was doing when he brought straight to your desk that day. I love you like I love my dogs, man. And that’s some F#$&ing strong love.


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