We Be Movin’

Like I’ve mentioned, we be movin’, and soon.  I thought I knew for sure how each dog would handle this.  As usual, my mutts are proving me wrong.


Since Buddy has moved with me all the way from Nebraska to Florida (and about 10 times since we have been in FL) I assumed he would take this move the most in stride.  Since Tag is always insecure and needs to be reassured that I do in fact love her (silly goose!) I assumed she would just need a little more reassuring but go with the flow too.  Since Maggie is the most unsure about new situations (though vastly improved from when I got her) I assumed she would be a bit of a mess.


You know what they say about assuming, right?  It makes an “ass out of u and me“?  Yea, my dogs are totally making me look like an ass.  Buddy is a hot mess.  He’s acting like this is the first time he has ever seen a moving box and seems to think he is going to get left behind.  He won’t leave my side and has been “talking” to me even more than normal.  Tag is acting totally normal, no reassuring needed there.  And Maggie?  The boxes that I was sure would be so scary to Maggie are like her new play toys.  I thought she would be all distressed and confused seeing all of our things get packed up and the house in disarray, but nope!  She’s taking the whole thing in stride.

IMG_2259A while back I read a great post from one of my favorite blogs, Love & a Six Foot Leash, about moving and everything they did to make the transition easier for their dogs.  I have been taking their tips to heart and I hope that Buddy’s insecurity (which really just manifests in wanting to cuddle more–so I’m not complaining too much) is the worst of my worries.  I suspect that I will have some funny antics to share as we get closer to the big day, so stay tuned!  I’m curious, have any of you been through a big move with your dog(s)?  How did they handle it?  Did you do anything special to ease the transition?  Spill the beans!


15 thoughts on “We Be Movin’

  1. I was very grateful that Rufus took our move like a champ. He never showed signs of stress when we were packing. Then we took him on a 3-day road trip across the country and he was so easy going about it. Strange hotel rooms? No problem. 6 hr. stretches in the car with minimal walking and sporadic potty breaks? You got it.

    I honestly couldn’t ask for a better travel buddy…except for the first 30 minutes in a car. He loses his freaking mind! Once he realizes we’re in it for the long haul, he usually settles well and calms down.

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  3. Tess is anxious and hates being left home. She got used to the apartment pretty quickly and she felt comfortable. I moved to a house about a year later. I figured that her crate was “hers” and it would allow her to settle in. Nope! She refused to go into the crate (and I didn’t want to force her since it took me 2 months to get her to go in the dang thing!), so I left her in the spare room. She’s not a destructive dog and there wasn’t anything in there, so I figured I’d be fine. Well, I came home to a pitbull-sized hole in the door — she had clawed and chewed her way out!!

    I moved on a Saturday and so we had 2 nights in our new home before I had to leave her for the day to go to work on Monday. If I were to do it over, I would take an extra day to hang out with her and gradually leave for a few minutes at a time rather than the whole day, letting her see that this is where we’ll be staying and I’ll still always come back.

    • Oh my goodness! The hole in the door is funny…but not. I’m feeling very thankful (scared on the other hand) because I haven’t yet found a job in the new city so I should have at the very least quite a few days to hang out and help them adjust. I hope the don’t panic the way poor Tess did! (p.s. my mom’s dog is named Tess–love it!)

  4. We moved. But it wasn’t anywhere close in stature to what you all are doing. (Kahlua & I are sad btw .. this is the problem with a college town..friends are always leaving! >.<)

    But my first apartment was the only home Kahlua had ever known and so when he saw it being packed away in big boxes, boxes that he usually shreds for amusement, he was upset! There was a lot of whining and his world seemed to fall apart when two, very unknown people started taking his precious couches, his bed, his TV, his coffee maker, his everything away!

    But you know, time heals all trauma.. and now he is happy in his new home 🙂

    So all will be well .. as long as you are with them, they can make any place, home 🙂

    • Thanks Shalini! I think it will end up going fairly smooth (fingers crossed!) And don’t be sad. Look at it this way: you now have a nice big house that you and Kahlua are always welcome to stay in if you want to come to Jacksonville! Seriously!

  5. I think as dogs get older, they like moving less. Melvin didn’t let the boxes stop him from wagging his crazy, happy tail, he injured it and eventually had to have it amputated. The move, he handled great though! Typical.

  6. We’re moving this week too! Norman thought the boxes were pretty scary at first but he’s getting used to them. Kaya thinks they’re interesting for a second and then goes back to her bone. And my kitty, Gina thinks it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to her…so may boxes to explore!

  7. Sending you a link to pictures of my epic road trip with two dogs for inspiration. I think we travelled about 15,000 miles, two people, two dogs, in a VW camper van.
    My best advice is this: if you are happy, excited (in a good way), secure, and worry-free, the dogs will feel that and be just fine. They are empathic geniuses, so you can’t fake it.

    Lotsa love to your whole pack!


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