The Components of Love:

Recently a friend of mine told me that she had decided to respond with “rescued mutt” whenever she was asked what breed her dogs are.  They both really are the epitome of mutts (just like mine) and I love that she has vowed to do this.  I often respond the same way when asked but I have been making a conscious effort to also respond with just “rescued mutt” and nothing more.

Regal Reagan did a wonderful job supervising the pack.

Beautiful, loyal, serious Reagan, one of my friend’s mutts, and her proclaimed “soul mate”.

After yesterday’s post about BSL it got me to thinking: What if instead of even saying “mutt” we responded with something like “50% love and 50% goofiness”?  After all, if you were going to be judged, wouldn’t you want it to be on your character rather than appearance?  I don’t go around describing myself as “German/Dutch/unknown origins”, I describe myself as “an animal lover, gym rat, outdoorsy, book worm”.  I don’t call Rich “half Puerto Rican, half motley mix”, instead I call him a “smartass, comic book loving nerd”.  So why do we do this to our dogs, who we know are so much more than their genetic makeup?


Buddy: 30% Hard-Headed, 40% Goofball, 20% Loyal, 5% Cuddly, 5% Grouchy, and 100% my best friend.


Tag:  30% Grouchy, 55% Loving, 10% Jealous, 5% Goofball, and 100% the easiest dog I have ever owned.


Maggie: 10% Stubborn, 30% Cautious, 30% Silly, 5% Bossy, 25% Loving, and 100% my proudest accomplishment.


So I’m curious, how would YOU describe your dog if you could only use adjectives like this?  And no, you don’t need to be detailed as I was…though I could have gone even more in depth 😉  Do you think that is would be a good idea if we could get everyone to participate?  Because I love the idea!

15 thoughts on “The Components of Love:

  1. Joey – 90% happy about everything 10% on springs; Judah 50% lazy butt 50% friend to everyone (especially Joey); Annabelle – 10% grouch granny, 10% sun loving patio snoozer, 80% exasperated with her dog brothers —-all my dogs 100% loved!

  2. I love this idea too! And I love your descriptions of all your pups 🙂

    I think mom would say I am some combination of joyful, cuddly, exuberant, clever, and up for a challenge.

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  4. Love this idea:)

    Walker- 100% princess, 50% jealous (since we adopted Minnie), 30% chatty cathy, 35% bed hog, and 100% best friend.

    Minnie- 75% snuggler, 50% food hog, 40% lap dog, and we are 100% grateful she is part of our family.

  5. Kaya – 25% cuddler, 5% cat, 20% kisser, 10% circus dog, 15% rough terrain explorer, 5% log walker, 20% fetch master = 100% spastic sweetheart

    Norman – 30% cuddler, 30% kisser, 10% confused, 20% Kaya’s fanboy, 10% porpoise = 100% heartbreaker

  6. kid: is she a doberman?
    me: no, she’s just a mongrel

    Maybe, I’m habitually self-effacing and sometimes I discount my dog too much… I was thinking I need to remove “just” from my answer. Anyway, the last time I introduced my dog as a rescued dog, my friend thought the dog goes around rescuing things haha~ so I’ll just stick to “she’s a mongrel.”

    But I love the idea of describing the dog’s personality too, but that makes the introduction kind of wordy because a dog is not just a dog is she?

    Donna: 50% exuberant, 50% tamchiakgui, 30% kiasu, 30% kaypoh, 20% potential disaster, 20% suspicious, 10% loving and 100% patient buddy for dog idiots.

    Explanation used in the strange local slangs above can be found here –

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