Pit-tie Par-tay

You may or may not remember, but back in March I oh-so subtly begged my friend to throw another Pittie Party and guess what?  She’s doing it!  And doing it big.


Maggie went to her first event not long after I got her and I’m not sure who was more terrified, her or me.  I literally had two leashes on her because I was certain she was going to be scared by something, flip out, and get away from me.  Of course that didn’t happen and she was a very well-behaved, though admittedly shy, little lady.  Fast forward to today and I cannot wait to take her!


                                                            I spy two leashes on Moo. Do you?

This event is going to be HUGE compared to events in the past, too.  There will be adoptable dogs from various rescues there, a doggie kissing booth, agility courses, food trucks, face painting, and the list goes on and on.  There really will be something for everyone!

557401_252411158213450_2142631810_nEvents like this are so important, for so many reasons.  First, in my opinion, is the socialization.  All dogs can benefit from it, whether they are seasoned pros at huge events, or shy little girls like Maggie used to be.  Obviously it’s key that the owner/foster parent/handler of the dog stay tuned in to their needs and give them as much space as necessary (Maggie and I just hung around the outskirts the first time) but just being out and about and seeing other dogs and how they interact is so great.  The fundraising and awareness raising are also so important.  It’s a great way to show off not only pit bull type dogs, but rescue dogs in general, in a positive light all while not being too “in-your-face” or “preachy” which we all know can cause some people to shut down.  I always feel like walking the walk is the best way to get my point across.  Plus, it’s just good clean fun!

IMG_1554So if you’re in the Tallahassee area and interested in joining in on the fun, you should!  Maggie, Rich and I will be there.  Maybe even with bells on?

5 thoughts on “Pit-tie Par-tay

  1. I love that the picture of maggie and Jango is from when they werent sure about each other, its so funny to see that picture and then the picture from the walk, they are so close now! You should do a post of a before/after on those two babies!!! I cannot believe how much they love each other now!!! Maggie is soooo cute!!!!


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