How Do I Put This?

How about, “Maggie is still available for adoption!”  Like many of you said, I would know right away if the family was right for Maggie or not.  Sadly, they were not.


While a small part of me is relieved that for now Maggie is still mine, an even larger part of me is disappointed because I truly had myself excited about the prospect of Maggie getting adopted.  I had come to peace with the idea of saying goodbye and moved on to being excited about all of the new dogs I would be able to help.  (There were a few sleepless nights–something that is completely foreign to me–while I got myself to this place, but that is really here nor there…)  Hell, I had even gotten Rich excited about it, which I now realize I never have really talked about Rich’s love for Maggie, but let’s just say it rivals even mine.

So what went wrong?  The family really was every bit as nice and knowledgable as they seemed when we chatted Friday night, and if I could base my decision on the amount of love they had to offer a dog, Maggie would already be there–but I can’t.


Actually, I’m getting a little ahead of myself, because I still haven’t even heard back from them, so maybe they aren’t interested after all and the point is moot?  Personally, and I know I’m not alone because bumpyroadtobubba shared the story of adopting her dog with me (check it out here, it is absolutely perfect), if I were serious about a dog, I would sit outside the home or facility where the dog was until I had the green light to take it home.  Maybe that’s extreme, but Maggie (and truly all dogs) deserve this amount of love, excitement, and devotion.

Regardless, there were things about their house that I envisioned being real problems for Maggie, given her propensity for getting into things and what not.  When I committed to foster her, I committed to keep her safe forever.  If/when she gets adopted, my responsibilities do not just end there.  Until the day Maggie goes to join my other dogs in Heaven, I hold myself responsible for her precious life.  Really, what good would I be doing if I just let dogs pass through my doors and never thought about them after that?  Didn’t care enough to ensure nothing bad would ever happen to them again?  No good at all is what I say.


So we will continue searching for the perfect home for Maggie.  And if it comes time for us to move and that perfect family has yet to appear, maybe it really does mean she’s been home all along.  I don’t think I’d be too upset about that 🙂

20 thoughts on “How Do I Put This?

  1. Bummer… but we’re happy that she is staying put for a little while longer! I absolutely love and admire your outlook on this situation specifically and fostering in general! Thanks for sharing it ALL!

    • Thank you so much, that is really so nice to hear! I definitely try to be 110% honest because the whole reason I started this is to hopefully convince other people to foster as well! I have not idea if that’s worked or not….but doesn’t hurt to try!

  2. Can I ask what things in their home caused concern for Maggie?

    Also, just as someone who has experience fostering and looking for the right home for dogs, would it turn you off if someone (such as me) already had 7 dogs and other farm animals? I just like to hear what people think 🙂

    • I intentionally glazed by the concerns with their home out of respect for the family in case they read the blog, but basically I did not feel it was safe for any dog, including Maggie. It was a little, err, cluttered for my comfort amongst other things.

      And it would totally depend! If your animals were clearly loved, had enough space for all of them to live comfortably, and were in good health, then it wouldn’t scare me off in the least. To be perfectly honest, my dream is to one day live on a farm or ranch with about that many dogs as well as livestock, chickens, and the whole shbang. Now, if they were in poor health, unsanitary conditions, or anything like that, then it would definitely turn me off. It would take an experienced person to be able to properly care for and manage that many dogs but that certainly doesn’t mean people like that (and I’m assuming you are one of them) don’t exist!

      Oh, and it would depend on the dog as well. Some dogs, like Maggie, would love having that many fur friends, but others wouldn’t, so I would have to consider that too!

      • Makes sense to me 🙂 I’m a pretty open minded person and enjoy hearing people’s opinions.

        Last month I was denied adopting another horse that was saved from slaughter. I was told I had my hands full and I felt that was unfair. I think it’s up to me to choose when I have my hands full 🙂

        All 7 of our dogs a mini pig live inside with us and though it might be hectic at times, every single one of them is healthy and happy. The goats and the horse love their 1.5 acre pasture and even the fish in our pond get attention! We go out and feed them bread and they act like puppies begging at the dock- it’s hilarious.

        Thank you for your response. I’m glad to know you would not write me off as a candidate as we have a lot of love and compassion and hope to one day open our own rescue on our ranch 🙂

        Please stop by our shop to help support our mission to help animals in need!


  3. Awww sad to hear they never got back into touch with you but I’m very happy that Maggie has a loving/caring heart looking out for her. Maybe it’s meant to be that Maggie stays with you? 🙂

  4. I agree with you completely–if someone really wanted to adopt a dog (or cat or other fuzzy critter) from me, they better be driving me almost crazy wondering about the next step in the adoption process. I want to see true dedication in a potential adopter, none of this wishy-washy nonsense and lack of communication. Sorry it didn’t work out, especially as you had to deal with the ups and downs of possibly moving on, but maybe things happen for a reason. Either someone amazing will come along and give her a great home or she will remain in the loving home she is already in. No dog could ask for more! 😉

  5. Maggie is gorgeous:) I believe in my heart that people like you that foster dogs are just so amazing. Don’t worry Maggie will find her forever home in the future. I’d suggest one thing to you, which I have to remind myself all the time, “Carpe diem.” Enjoy the now with Maggie:)

  6. It’s wonderful that you’re so careful about where your fosters are homed, Morgan. I feel the same, and have had to turn down offers that haven’t felt ‘right’ occasionally. You clearly understand Maggie’s needs and love her dearly – all praise to you! And even if the home had been right, it would raise doubts because they haven’t got straight back to you. Whether Maggie’s forever home is with you or elsewhere, she’s in the best possible place right now!

  7. Aw, thank you for including our story – that made my morning. I still get teary-eyed thinking about the day I met Bella {and Beary a few years later}. When you know, you know. Any dog who passes through your life is a very lucky one Morgan, safe in the knowledge you’ll love them no matter how little or long they spend with you. Once word gets out, you’ll have shelter dogs lined up around the block waiting to ‘check in’! 🙂 xox

    • Wow, those are probably the kindest words I’ve ever read (about me at least)! Thank you! And how could I not include the story? It really is perfectly perfect!

  8. Would you just admit it…..Maggie is Yours! She could never have a family that would love and protect her as much as you and Rich do. To the Moon, my amazing Mo.

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